ICYMI! Dem Insider On Guv Primary: “One Of The Ugliest And Most Divisive Democratic Primaries Since 1990″

April 19, 2014CONTACT:
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BOSTON — As Treasurer Steve Grossman intensifies his attacks on Attorney General Martha Coakley, fellow Democratic insiders are taking notice. Guy Glodis, former Democratic Sheriff of Worcester County and former candidate for state auditor called the fist fight between Coakley, Grossman and the rest of the field “one of the ugliest and most divisive Democratic primaries since 1990.”

Click here to watch Guy Glodis on the nasty fight between Coakley and Grossman.

The Democratic primary is growing more negative as Grossman carried out a high profile attack on Coakley this week.  

Grossman blasted Coakley as ‘timid’ and accused her of running a “Rose Garden” campaign.  ”‘But I’m putting them out there because I think they make good common sense and I think Martha is demonstrating a timidity that the people of Massachusetts frankly will not respond positively to in the fullness of time.’” (Andy Metzger, “GROSSMAN SAYS COAKLEY TAKING “ROSE GARDEN” APPROACH,” SHNS 4/17/14)

Grossman accused Coakley of failing as Attorney General.  “’Why does Martha Coakley take the NRA’s position?” he asked, rhetorically, referring to the National Rifle Association. Grossman went on to say Coakley had demonstrated a “failure of leadership.” (Josh Miller, “Steven Grossman criticizes Martha Coakley on gun control,” The Boston Globe, 4/17/14)


MassGOP Chairman Calls On Coakley To Apologize For Violating Public’s Trust After OCPF Violation

April 17, 2014

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BOSTON –  Today, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes called on Attorney General Martha Coakley to apologize for violating the public’s trust after the state’s top cop was found to have violated campaign finance laws.

“We have finally learned the truth about Martha Coakley’s misuse of campaign funds.  It took OCPF to shed light on this scandal because Coakley has refused to explain her actions or how the person who is supposed to enforce the law was instead breaking the law.  I remain troubled by the Attorney General’s apparent lack of concern that she failed to follow the laws she is sworn to uphold.  There is no more obscene an example of do as I say, not as I do behavior as the state’s top cop violating the law and Coakley should apologize for it,” said Kirsten Hughes.




Campaign Finance Officials Ordered Martha Coakley To Pay $24,000 For Violating Campaign Finance Laws. ”Attorney General Martha Coakley’s campaign committee has agreed to pay nearly $18,000 to charity as part of an agreement with campaign regulators over payments made with federal committee funds. Coakley, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts governor, also agreed to pay $6,000 to the state to cover the cost of the review.” (“Coakley pays $24,000 to settle campaign violations,” AP, 4/17/14)

ICYMI! Salem News Blasts House Dems For Shutting Down Debate

Our view: The silence of the sheep on Beacon Hill
April 15, 2014

The Massachusetts House of Representatives needs a new name after last week.

We propose “The Speakership of the People.”

Because, really, there is absolutely no need for anyone but Mr. Speaker to represent us on Beacon Hill.

It’s long been evident that what Mr. Speaker wants, Mr. Speaker gets. When it comes time to vote on any issue, House members’ only question is how Mr. Speaker wants them to vote. After last week, it’s also obvious that what Mr. Speaker doesn’t want doesn’t happen.

The principle of one-man rule is now so established that it ought to be engraved upon the Golden Dome: “In the Speaker We Trust.”

It is now settled law, literally.

The House voted 117-29 last Tuesday to enact a set of “special instructions” from House leadership (i.e., Speaker Robert DeLeo) that forbid debate on the issues of welfare reform and local aid when the House version of the $30 billion-plus state budget comes up for review at the end of the month.

By a not-so-amazing coincidence, every Democrat present voted yes. All 29 no votes were cast by Republicans.

Welfare reform, including the problem of EBT fraud, is an issue that needs action, preceded by vigorous debate. So is local aid. How, after all, are cities and towns supposed to govern efficiently when the state jerks them around every year over how much of the money it drains from local taxpayers will be sent back to them?

But Mr. Speaker will have none of that.

We’re not surprised that his Boston-area Democratic followers went over the cliff for him. But we are disappointed that so many of our local legislators turned into lemmings.

Let’s meet those who said, “Yes, please, Mr. Speaker, gag me.”

Lori Ehrlich, D-Marblehead
John Keenan, D-Salem
Jerry Parisella, D-Beverly
Ted Speliotis, D-Danvers

(Republican state Reps. Brad Hill of Ipswich and Leah Cole of Peabody deserve credit for their commonsense “no” votes.)

The argument for the ban on debate over contentious issues like EBT reform was that it will make things run more smoothly. Sure. And Mussolini made the trains run on time.
The real reason for the ban, of course, is to spare legislators from a difficult vote that might have consequences for their chances of re-election,

The essential duty of elected legislators is to cast an independent vote that represents the interests of their constituents, or one that they believe best serves those interests.

Now they refuse to accept that responsibility.

Last year, the care and feeding of Bay State legislators cost taxpayers almost $60 million.

Since the state is always crying for new sources of money, we propose eliminating the jobs of all but Mr. Speaker to free up those millions for other purposes.

Because, clearly, our highly paid elected officials have become “nonessential workers.”


In Case You Missed It! Boston Globe Calls Dem Guv Primary “Unabashed Race” To the Left

April 9, 2014

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“Clearing a lane for Republicans to reach moderate Democratic voters dissatisfied with their options” 

BOSTON –The far-left lurch made by the Democratic field for governor risks alienating moderate voters key to general-election victory, reports Jim O’Sullivan in The Boston Globe today.

“From Martha Coakley flipping to support drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants to Steve Grossman’s quest for billions in new spending and higher taxes, these Democrats are selling out to the small, far-left crowd that controls their campaigns,” said Kirsten Hughes. “Massachusetts is in dire need of real leadership now that years of one-party rule has left many families behind, and these ultra-liberal campaigns offer nothing but platitudes for limousine liberals.”

Governor’s race has all Democrats leaning left
By Jim O’Sullivan

The Democratic field for governor contains several familiar types of candidate. The state’s attorney general is running, as is its treasurer. Two former high-ranking federal government officials are in the mix, along with a businessman.

Missing from this year’s crop, though, is a candidate who fills a long-running role in previous Massachusetts Democratic primaries: a prominent centrist alternative.

Traditionally, the Democratic contenders offer a range of ideological options. At least one viable campaign usually tries to pick off moderate voters and make the appeal that such positioning would be advantageous in a general election against a Republican.

Former attorney general Thomas F. Reilly positioned himself as a moderate in 2006, but was overrun by Deval Patrick’s wave of support from the grass roots.

In 2002, there was Shannon P. O’Brien, the former treasurer, who pulled the unusual maneuver of running to the middle during the primary, then tacking to the liberal side for the general election, falling to Mitt Romney.

In 1990, the last time Democrats ran to succeed one of their own as governor, the party nominated Boston University president John Silber, who ran to the middle before losing to Republican William Weld.

This year, the Democratic race is an almost unabashed race for the hearts and minds of the left-of-center. The five Democrats have formed the party’s most liberal open primary field in generations, political analysts say, potentially clearing a lane for Republicans to reach moderate Democratic voters dissatisfied with their options.

(Click here for the full story)


RELEASE: Dems Stifle Debate on Budget

April 8, 2014

Emmalee Kalmbach
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BOSTON – This afternoon, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives made a power play to prohibit debate on key topics in the 2015 budget, due to be deliberated later this month.

In an unusual break with tradition, a budget order was passed along party lines, 115-29, which prohibits any increases to local aid and Chapter 70 education aid. In addition, the budget order prevents much needed reforms in EBT and other welfare programs from being debated on the floor. Any attempts to debate these issues will be ruled out of order by the Speaker.

EBT reform passed in the House on November 7, 2013, and has languished in conference committee for more than five months with little hope to actually become law. Under normal rules, those reforms could be raised as part of the budget process, but not in this election year.

“This is yet another perfect example of one-party rule eliminating crucial debates on topics that the people of the Commonwealth care about the most,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP chairman. “The Democrats silencing debate on EBT reforms and local aid increases at the behest of the Speaker smacks of election-year folly and the residents of our cities and towns deserve better.”