ICYMI: “State’s Top Cop Caught Parking in Tow Zone”

July 23, 2014    

Emmalee Kalmbach
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BOSTON –  If you can’t stand the cost and hassle of trying to park in downtown Boston, you are not alone. Attorney General Martha Coakley apparently has trouble finding a spot, but luckily her elected office affords her the ability to break the law and avoid paying to park like the rest of us. Monday she was caught on video parking illegally, again, this time just steps away from a convenient garage.

State’s top cop caught parking in tow zone
Fox 25 / My Fox Boston
Sharman Sacchetti
July 22, 2014

BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – The state’s top cop has been caught parking in a tow zone, again.

While candidate for governor Martha Coakley was attending the Women’s Bar Association Law Clerk and Intern Reception on High Street in Boston. A tracker for the Massachusetts Republican Party took a video of Coakley’s vehicle in a commercial zone, even though there is a parking garage attached to the building where she was attending the event.

The space is a commercial zone between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The video shows the time as 6:36 p.m.

Coakley travels with a security detail in a state-issued vehicle.. Back in May, GOP political trackers took video of her parked in two separate spaces clearly marked as tow zones reserved for the Boston Fire Department. At the time she was attending fundraisers. Her campaign said decisions about her protection were made by the state police. A spokesman for the state police said it was necessary to have the cruiser as close to the destination as possible.

The Mass. GOP released a statement Tuesday saying that parking in Boston is a “pain” and that Coakley breaks the rules.

“Tow zones, pricey garages, and you can never find a spot, unless of course you are Martha Coakley. We knew Martha was out of touch when she laughed at the prospect of shaking hands at Fenway Park. Now her decision to continue to do as she pleases while the rest of us circle the block or pay up to park, proves she thinks the rules don’t apply to her,” the statement read.

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Low Profile In Courage: Coakley “Silent” On Illegal Immigrant Influx

July 15, 2014    

Emmalee Kalmbach
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BOSTON – The Commonwealth’s top law enforcement official, Martha Coakley, is refusing to speak about the massive influx of illegal aliens entering Massachusetts.  Although she famously proclaimed it wasn’t “illegal to be illegal” and supports drivers’ licenses for undocumented aliens, Coakley has thus far turned a blind eye to the situation and avoided media questions.

“Martha Coakley supports giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, but she has been silent about the influx of illegal immigrants in Massachusetts, “ said Kirsten Hughes. “The people of Massachusetts have a right to hear from their attorney general, who wants to be governor, about her thoughts on the relocation of illegal immigrants to the Bay State.  For her to dodge questions and refuse to speak publicly is a disservice to the public and a clear sign she is not ready to lead Massachusetts.”


Coakley is hiding from the press regarding the influx off illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley was silent on the issue Monday, but her primary opponent Steve Grossman defended the transfers.” (Janet Wu, “Sheriffs speak out on planeloads of detainees,” WCVB, 7/15/14)

Other law enforcement officials, including GOP Sheriffs have spoken out on the issue. (Owen Boss, Joe Dwinell, “llegal immigrants flown to Bay State,” The Boston Herald, 7/13/14) 

Martha Coakley touted her flip-flop, on drivers’s licenses for illegal immigrants for political gain. “Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general and candidate for governor, said Tuesday that she’s ‘open’ to the possibility of licensing undocumented immigrants to drive in Massachusetts, softening her position on an issue her rival Steve Grossman soughtTuesday to use as a wedge between the Democrats.” (Matt Murphy, “Martha Coakley open to idea of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants,” SHNS, 3/11/14)


Gregoire Punts Opportunity, Taxpayers Lose

July 14, 2014

Emmalee Kalmbach
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BOSTON – Representative Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) was caught on camera watching the Netherlands vs. Argentina soccer match, last Thursday. Unfortunately the photo was taken in the State House, during the briefing on the latest gun control measure.

The legislation was released Thursday morning, and a vote was expected later that day. Many State Representatives criticized the Speaker for not giving members ample notice to review the bill.

“While every other State Representative was scrambling to understand and to influence this important legislation, Rep. Gregoire was sitting on the sidelines,” said MassGOP Executive Director, Rob Cunningham. “Residents expect her to show up and to speak for them, instead, she watches a soccer game – and not the US team, mind you – Argentina and the Netherlands. She needs to get her priorities straight.”


Picture of Rep. Gregoire watching the soccer game:



The Closing Argument

July 14, 2014    

Emmalee Kalmbach
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MassGOP Chairman Presents Her Ruling on the Probation Trial

BOSTON –  The probation trial has revealed how the Democrat-controlled Legislature turned a public safety agency into a patronage haven. While lawyers present closing arguments in federal court tomorrow, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes, in a video message, presents her own closing argument to the voters of Massachusetts.

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Since 2001, nearly $250,000 has flowed from probation department employees to campaign coffers. The top 25 recipients of this largesse, all Democrats, raked in about $150,000 of that cash. (Source: Office of Campaign and Political Finance)

Amount Name
$16,150.00 Petrolati, Thomas M. Sitting State Rep
$13,020.00 DeLeo, Robert A. Current Speaker
$12,900.00 O’Flaherty, Eugene L. Recently Resigned State Rep
$10,705.00 Montigny, Mark C.W. Current State Senator
$9,025.00 DiMasi, Salvatore F. Currently in Jail, former Speaker
$6,900.00 Pacheco, Marc R. Current State Senator
$6,850.00 Travaglini, Robert E. Former Senate President
$6,150.00 Murray, Timothy P. Former Lt. Governor
$6,025.00 Flaherty Jr., Michael F. Former Boston City Councillor
$4,895.00 Cahill, Timothy Former Treasurer and Gov. Candidate
$4,735.00 Murphy, Stephen Current Boston City Councillor
$4,595.00 Walsh, Marian Former State Senator
$4,550.00 Baddour, Steven A. Former State Senator
$4,250.00 Buoniconti, Stephen J. Former State Senator
$4,245.00 Murray, Therese Current State Senate President
$3,700.00 Menard, Joan M. Former State Senator
$3,630.00 O’Brien, Shannon P. Former Treasurer and Gov Candidate
$3,375.00 Rogers, John H. Current State Rep
$3,325.00 Connolly, John R. Former Boston City Councillor
$3,250.00 Blodgett, Jonathan W. Current Essex DA
$3,225.00 Menino, Thomas M. Former Mayor of Boston
$2,790.00 Correia, Robert Former State Rep
$2,670.00 Glodis, Guy William Former Worcester Sheriff
$2,585.00 Donelan, Christopher J. Current Franklin Sheriff
$2,500.00 Honan, Kevin G. Current State Rep
$146,045.00          TOTAL

What They Are Saying: “Judges 16, Coakley 0″

July 1, 2014    

Emmalee Kalmbach
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BOSTON –  Attorney General Martha Coakley faced a “political week from hell” last week and unfortunately for her, this week is already shaping up to be a repeat of the last.

“As Martha Coakley keeps finding herself tangled in bad news blunders, the public will continue to see that the Martha Coakley from 2010 is back,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP chairman. “Today’s bad news only adds to the litany of bad news that began earlier this year with violating campaign finance laws before suffering stinging defeats in the state’s Supreme Judicial Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.”


Another black eye for Martha Coakley

The Boston Herald , By Chris Cassidy, July 1, 2014

A controversial antitrust deal Attorney General Martha Coakley reached with Partners Healthcare is already drawing fire from her Democratic gubernatorial rivals, as a final ruling on the pact could be delayed until September in order to hear criticisms from competing hospitals.

“This deal the AG inked allows Partners to keep their prices at a very high level when they should be coming down,” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick told the Herald. “It essentially affirms the status quo, which is not serving us well. … I believe this is not a good agreement for the state. I’ll continue to say that (on the campaign trail) … I believe it was a mistake.”

The settlement, signed by Coakley’s office and Partners, allows the state’s largest hospital network to acquire South Shore, Lawrence Memorial and Melrose-Wakefield hospitals.

“Honestly, I would have hoped Martha Coakley had gotten the message by now that you can’t deny the people of Massachusetts … their right to weigh in on this critical issue that could affect virtually every resident of the state,” said state Treasurer Steve Grossman. Coakley has railed against Partners as a “Goliath” of health care, but both sides found themselves awkwardly on the same side, defending the agreement and pushing for a speedy ruling.

The Partners ruling adds to the recent string of bad-news legal decisions against Coakley, including her defeated attempt to block a casino repeal referendum, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s takedown of abortion clinic buffer zones.

Said Erin O’Brien of UMass Boston: “This is now the third decision that’s getting some press that didn’t necessarily go her way. … One of the strengths of her candidacy is an effective record as AG. As some of these decisions are overturned or … called into question, a strength becomes a weakness.”

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Peter Lucas: Ball’s definitely not in Martha Coakley’s court The Lowell Sun, By Peter Lucas, July 1, 2014
Attorney General Martha Coakley ought to stay out of the courtroom.

At the rate she has been battered by the courts — both federal and state — in the past few days, she may have to seek a restraining order on herself to keep her out of the halls of justice.

Either that or she needs to hire new lawyers.

Right now the judicial scorecard reads: judges 16, Coakley 0. That score means that Coakley could not get one of the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to side with her on the abortion-clinic buffer zone case, nor could she muster a single vote in her favor among the seven judges of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on the casino referendum question. That’s a lot of judges ruling against you.

It is not often that a lawyer, let alone the state’s chief law officer, has taken such a public and humiliating beating at the hands of judges. In fact the twofer has to be something of a record for Massachusetts attorneys general.

It makes you wonder just what Coakley has to do to win a case around here.

In the first case she was handed her head when the Massachusetts SJC ruled last week that Coakley made a mistake when she rejected the petition placing the anti-casino question on the ballot for voters to decide on.

Coakley, still the leading Democrat candidate in the polls, could be put on the defensive, not so much for her pro-casino position, but for her attempt to deny the public the right to vote on the matter. She would have been far better off simply allowing the matter to be placed on the ballot. But she showed more concern for the financial risk being taken by the casino investors than she did for the voting public.

She told a press conference, with all the sincerity she could muster, that she was “pleased” with the court decision, a decision that made her look like a first-year law student.

The fallout from the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision striking down the 35-foot buffer zone law at abortion clinics, which Coakley also defended, is more complicated.

Some believe that Coakley is a better politician than she is an attorney general, while some believe the opposite. Still others believe she is not very good at either.

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