Dear Supporter,

Now that the summer is winding down and we are getting into the heat of election season, I would like to update you on what has been happening here at the MassGOP.

Throughout the month of August, I had the great privilege to tour the Commonwealth with local officials to explore the issues that face their cities. While on the tour, I got eye-opening, honest feedback about what the people in these cities are looking for in their state government.

Sept. newsletter

Small business owners are finding it extremely difficult to keep their doors open due to immense state regulation and taxation. Small businesses keep Massachusetts’ cities alive. They need a leader who understands their challenges and who will help them succeed. These hard-working people want to see change come to Beacon Hill this fall!

On this tour, I saw example after example of how the lack of leadership on Beacon Hill hits home in cities across Massachusetts. In Lowell, property taxes have increased by 14.5% since 2007, leaving residents scrambling. On top of that, local aid from the state to the city has been slashed, resulting in cuts to law enforcement. Business owners told me this has made the streets less safe and is making it difficult for stores to keep customers coming back.

It is simply unacceptable that state government creates problems like this in the cities that keep our Commonwealth going. I received an endless amount of feedback that I plan to share with candidates who hope to bring change to these struggling areas.

I look forward to sharing what I learned at our upcoming candidates’ summit. I’ll be joined by other experienced individuals who will share on other aspects of campaigning. If you are a candidate, do not miss out on this free opportunity to attend our candidates’ summit on the 17th. If you are a legislative candidate, sign up today!

If you are not a candidate, but would be willing to offer your time, our MassVictory offices will be hosting a Super Saturday event this Saturday, September 6th. Sign up today to pick a time and location that’s convenient for you. We are getting so very close to the election and every minute counts! Sign up to volunteer!

With YOUR help we can spread the word about the troubling realities of one-party rule – as we witnessed in Lowell – and together we will win this fall!

Yours in Victory,
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