Greetings Supporters!

This month I am thrilled to announce my city tour around the Commonwealth.

Beginning next week, I plan to travel to eleven cities throughout the state to meet with city councilors, mayors, activists, candidates and citizens, to learn more about the pressing issues facing their communities. With each discussion I will have an opportunity to share how, if elected, the Republican Party here in Massachusetts would help their communities. The tour will kick off in Dorchester where I will meet with members of the Vietnamese Community to listen to their thoughts, and explain how our candidates can better serve them.

I am interested in learning about the unique cultures, and traditions of each city and also the diverse interests of the constituents. As a Quincy City Councilor, the cities of the Commonwealth are extremely important to me and it is critical that our Party works to make our urban cities better and stronger.

We know some of these areas have not been Republican strongholds in the past; however, we are confident that many of the residents support the principles of our Party.

Through the city tour, I hope to spread awareness of the Republican solutions to the problems facing our cities such as reforming the welfare system, updating our education standards, increasing local aid and more.

If we are going to change Beacon Hill we must start at the local level. We must engage voters in every corner of the Commonwealth in order to accomplish this change.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks as I tour throughout the state, and I will be sure to give you a recap next month! Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter frequently to keep up with our stops around the state.

See you on the trail!

Yours in Victory,
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