Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’m delighted to share the monumental success of our training day earlier this month!

The enthusiasm shown toward the future of our party was tangible among the candidates, campaign managers, regional committee members and activists who attended.

With more than 200 people attending, there was standing room only in many of the sessions where participants gained hands-on experience with the new technology, fundraising tactics were taught and new grassroots strategies were unveiled.

As our party marches on, we have another opportunity to continue the momentum required to ensure victory in 2014.

MassGOP will be hosting a series of regional rallies to unite the party in anticipation for the upcoming Convention.

Statewide and congressional candidates will share their goals for their campaigns and at each region an outstanding activist will be recognized for their unwavering dedication and service to the party.

Our Party is stronger than ever and we need the eagerness from committed individuals like you to propel us forward.

It is clear the leadership of Democrat office holders has failed our Commonwealth, but now we have the opportunity to create the movement that will land the right leaders in office this election season.

I look forward to joining you at the following rallies:

March 8th at 2 p.m., Italian American Victory Club, 26 Dewey Rd, Shrewsbury, MA

March 10th at 6 p.m., Plymouth VFW, 22 Seven Hills Road, Plymouth, MA

March 15th at 12 p.m., Kowloon, 948 Broadway, Saugus, MA

March 13th at 7 p.m., The Wherehouse, 109 Lyman St, Holyoke, MA

March 18th at 6 p.m., 678 Truman Pkwy, Hyde Park, MA

Yours in Victory,

Kirsten Hughes

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