Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Massachusetts Republican team needs your help to collect enough nomination signatures to get our fantastic slate of candidates, up and down the ticket, on the ballot!  

Our candidates for Auditor and Secretary of State need 5,000 signatures and other statewide candidates need 10,000 signatures by May 6th. 

State Senate candidates need 300 signatures, State Representative candidates need 150 and countywide candidates need 1,000 and we have new candidates announcing almost every day.  Their deadline is April 29th – just 13 days away! 
These Republicans stepping up to run for office need your help and I know they can count on you!
There are many ways and opportunities for you to collect signatures. Click this link to sign up to collect signatures today:
Or contact your local MassVictory Regional Field Director to find out how to help!
Region Name Email Phone
Metro Area North Nick Bayer (909) 969-8374
Metro Area South Brian McKeon (617) 653-2192
North Shore East Lily Zarrella (585) 764-1047
North Shore West Katy Zazzera (908) 216-0703
South Shore, Cape & Islands Ben Keilman (919) 428-6528
Merrimac Valley Chris Lane (774) 364-2035
South Coast Nina McLaughlin (207) 837 4135
Central Mass Ryan Chamberland (774) 573-3439
Western Mass Ryan Chamberland (774) 573-3439

Yours in Victory,

Kirsten Hughes


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