Elected Officials

Your GOP Team in Massachusetts: Fighting for a state government that's as efficient, accountable, and hard-working as the people of this great Commonwealth.




Charlie Baker


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Lieutenant Governor 


Karyn Polito


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Republican Leader: Sen. Bruce Tarr

Caucus: Sen. Vinny deMacedoSen. Ryan FattmanSen. Don HumasonSen. Patrick O'ConnorSen. Richard Ross






House of Representatives

Republican Leader: Rep. Brad Jones 2000px-Seal_of_the_House_of_Representatives_of_Massachusetts.svg.png


Rep. Jay Barrows Rep. Kimberly Ferguson Rep. Marc Lombardo  Rep. David Vieira 
Rep. Donald Berthiaume  Rep. Paul Frost  Rep. James Lyons  Rep. Timothy Whelan 
Rep. Nicholas Boldyga Rep. Susan Gifford  Rep. Joseph McKenna Rep. Susannah Whipps 
Rep. Kate Campanale Rep. Sheila Harrington Rep. Leonard Mirra  Rep. Donald Wong 
Rep. William Crocker Rep. Bradford Hill  Rep. David Muradian  
Rep. Angelo D'Emilia  Rep. Steven Howitt  Rep. Mathew Muratore  
Rep. David DeCoste Rep. Randy Hunt Rep. Shaunna O'Connell   
Rep. Geoff Diehl Rep. Hannah Kane  Rep. Keiko Orrall  
Rep. Shawn Dooley  Rep. James Kelcourse  Rep. Elizabeth Poirier  
Rep. Peter Durant  Rep. Kevin Kuros Rep. Todd Smola   


Governor's Council

Councillor Jen Cassie (7th District)

District Attorneys

DA Tim Cruz (Plymouth)DA Michael O'Keefe (Cape and Islands)


Sheriff James Cummings (Barnstable)Sheriff Lew Evangelidis (Worcester), Sheriff Thomas Hodgson (Bristol), Sheriff Joseph McDonald (Plymouth)

Registers of Probate

Stephanie Fattman (Worcester), Elizabeth Hermann (Dukes), Anastasia Welsh-Perrino (Barnstable) 

County Commissioners

Leo Cakounes (Barnstable), Ronald Beatty (Barnstable), Daniel Pallotta (Plymouth), Sandra Wright (Plymouth)