Dem Guv Hopefuls Tongue-Tied On ICE Partnerships

BOSTON -- Democrats moved quickly yesterday to distance themselves from a controversial bill that would have sharply limited the ability of local law enforcement to coordinate with federal authorities to keep dangerous criminals off the streets. But their colleagues running for governor suddenly found themselves tongue-tied, unable to support a commonsense program that's kept dangerous criminals off the streets - while one candidate actually endorsed eliminating the partnership. Continue reading

As Dems Lurch Left In Worcester, MassGOP Welcomes Moderates With Digital Campaign

Democrats are gathering in Worcester this weekend in the midst of an internal battle that's pushing their party further and further to the left: Continue reading

Setti Warren Clueless On How To Pay For Costly Proposals

BOSTON -- Mayor Setti Warren has been in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination for a little over a week, and has still failed to provide concrete information on how he plans to pay for the expensive policy proposals that he has made the cornerstone of his campaign: Continue reading

Setti Warren Stumbles Out Of The Gate

BOSTON -- When he began his campaign for governor, Setti Warren was probably hoping that the first few days would go better than the botched launch of his failed 2011 run for US Senate. But after a few head-scratching and downright hypocritical statements during his media tour today, it's clear that Warren still has a long way to go before he's ready for prime time. Continue reading

ICYMI - Keller: "Voters Aren’t Getting What They Want" From Hyperpartisan Warren, Dems

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Democrats are failing voters who "just want them to work together to get things done," according to WBZ's Jon Keller in a piece out today. Keller slams Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her fellow Democrats for their low rankings on an index that measures the bipartisan effectiveness of members of Congress. From her obstruction of a bipartisan bill that boosted local opioid funding, or her willingness to flip-flop-flip on issues so she can cater to national liberals, there's no shortage of examples that prove Warren is focused on politics, not governing. Continue reading

MA Dems Push Regressive Soda Tax That Bernie Sanders Opposed

BOSTON -- Beacon Hill Democrats are so desperate to grab more revenue, they are pushing a regressive soda tax that hits the poor so hard that Sen. Bernie Sanders opposed it. Continue reading

MA Receives Opioid Crisis Funding Over Warren's Objections

BOSTON -- Leaders in the addiction community are applauding a nearly $12M grant for the Commonwealth to fight opioid addiction, citing the serious toll the crisis has been taking on the people of Massachusetts. But you wouldn't know that talking to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who put the funding in jeopardy when she opposed it and trivialized its importance. Continue reading

Road Improvements Stalled While Democratic Leadership Take Pay Raises On Spring Break

BOSTON -- The Democratic leadership of both legislative branches took the week off for spring break but not before failing to reach a compromise on an annual spending bill which is leaving critical roadway projects on indefinite hold despite the fact that these very same leaders gave themselves a pay raise on the premise that they are over worked and underpaid. The Speaker and Senate President, who set the schedule of formal sessions needed to take a vote on the critical bill, chose to take the week off along with K-12 students, leaving no opportunity for a vote on the bill this week. Continue reading

FLASHBACK: Warren Fails To Pay Higher Tax Rate

BOSTON -- This Tax Day, Sen. Elizabeth Warren continues to push for higher taxes. But it's worth remembering that when she's given the opportunity, Warren fails to pay a voluntary higher rate, which Massachusetts allows. Voters will be more than a little skeptical of a politician asking everyone else to pay more, when she fails to do just that when given the chance. Continue reading

POLL: Warren's Stock Sinks: Negatives Climb To 6th Highest In America

BOSTON -- A new Morning Consult poll shows that Sen. Elizabeth Warren's stock is dropping fast among voters, as they grow sick of her hyperpartisan, obstructionist tactics. Warren's disapproval rating climbed 11 points since last year, to 38%. Among all US Senators, Warren is tied for the 6th highest disapproval rating among home-state voters. Continue reading