Cher Fan Elizabeth Warren Now “Claims Kinship” With Jason Varitek

For Immediate Release
March 12, 2012

Alleigh Mare

Cher Fan Elizabeth Warren Now “Claims Kinship” With Jason Varitek

BOSTON– After receiving Cher’s endorsement on the front-page of Friday’s New York Times, and following her highly-publicized Hollywood fundraiser, Elizabeth Warren returned to Massachusetts and attempted over the weekend to connect with Massachusetts voters by “claiming kinship” with a much different type of celebrity: recently-retired Red Sox captain Jason Varitek.

During a campaign stop at Tiny’s Restaurant in Ayer yesterday, Warren spoke to the Lowell Sun about Varitek as if she was a longtime Red Sox fan:

Elizabeth Warren looked at a photo hanging on the wall of Tiny’s Restaurant of Jason Varitek smashing his mitt into the face of the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez in 2004, and claimed at least a tiny bit of kinship with the recently retired Boston catcher. “His enthusiasm will be missed,” said Warren of Varitek, who was revered by Red Sox fans for his blue-collar work ethic. “What a photo. He sure got his point across there, didn’t he? He made it really clear.”

Warren’s transparent attempts to pass herself off as a Red Sox fan, however, are undercut by her own previous statements. Last summer, she admitted on MSNBC that her husband, fellow Harvard Professor Bruce Mann, is the one in her family “who keeps up with Red Sox” and not her. And at a Democratic debate at Stonehill College in December, Warren was unable to name the years that the Sox won the World Series during the 21st century.

“Rather than pretending to be a Red Sox fan, Professor Warren should stick to what she knows best: collecting endorsements from Hollywood celebrities like Cher,” said Alleigh Marre, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Republican Party.