Gov. Patrick Bails on Togetherness, Calls Opponents Racist

Gov. Patrick Bails on Togetherness, Calls Opponents Racist

Boston- Often the critic of political gamesmanship and partisan rhetoric, Governor Deval Patrick did an about face Monday as he likened some immigration enforcement policies to McCarthyism and even called those who oppose his viewpoint racists. It appears all that talk about unity and bipartisanship was, to borrow a well worn phrase, “just words.”

“Apparently, the Governor forgot that he himself criticized others for inflaming public discourse, but that was when he had a campaign to run,” said Nate Little MassGOP Executive Director. “The Governor’s hypocrisy is sadly now routine and yesterday’s remarks are not only out of touch, but disappointing.”

Governor Deval Patrick on Partisan Rhetoric:

“’We should start thinking big about the solutions. Ideological purity from the left or the right in times like these is like trying to put a Band-Aid on a broken bone.’”

“’The cheap shot is a sure way to grab headlines and maybe score political points, although it doesn’t always or often add up to much substance,’ Patrick said. ‘We are awash in cynicism in the commonwealth.’” (Dan Ring, The Springfield Republican, ‘Gov. Deval Patrick calls for bipartisanship effort to improve government and the economy’ 11/19/2008)

Governor Patrick Pledged to put ‘problem-solving above partisanship’ (Kyle Cheney, State House News, ‘Preaching Unity on the trail, Patrick halter bipartisan meetings at home, 3/1/2012)

“We could disagree with each other without being disagreeable, by asking you to put your cynicism down, by refusing to build myself up by tearing anybody else down,” (Patrick’s Acceptance Speech, 11/6/2008)

“’I ask you to do one more thing that I’ve asked everyone from the start, and that is to put your cynicism down,’ Patrick said. ‘Don’t trivialize optimism and hope. It built this country. It built my life.’” (Dan Ring, ‘Patrick attacks cynicism’ The Springfield Republican, 12/1/2006)