Occupy Wall Street Incident Report – Nov 28

For Immediate Release
November 28, 2011

Tim Buckley
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Occupy Wall Street Incident Report

One-Stop Source For Updates On The Antics Of Professor Warren’s Intellectual Offspring

BOSTON – Now that Professor Elizabeth Warren has taken credit for creating the “intellectual foundation” of the Occupy movement, the Massachusetts Republican Party is providing an “Occupy Wall Street Incident Report.”

New this week, the report will highlight official endorsing organizations of the Occupy movement. First up, Communist Party USA which “heralded” the Occupy movement last month.

Also today, reports from Boston that Occupy organizers are using hand signals developed in part by anarchist movements to communicate, and an assault with a dangerous weapon by an Occupy protester outside Boston’s busy South Station.

Communist Party USA: “We stand with the courageous young people who have sparked this movement and join with the occupiers who are putting themselves on the line to transform our nation and achieve a secure and sustainable future.”

Boston Globe: “Occupy has its own signal language, a way of talking that doesn’t involve talking at all. That finger-wagging approval signal, commonly called twinkles, is used in place of applause or verbal cheering. …”

“Progressive groups ranging from Quakers to anarchists have, over the years, used hand signals to reach collective decisions. The signal language of the Occupy movement traces back to the Direct Action Network, which most famously organized disruptive street protests in Seattle during the World Trade Organization conference in 1999.”

My Fox Boston: “An Occupy Boston protester was arrested Sunday for threatening another man with a knife in front of the South Station Bus Terminal. Christian Boucher was charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. …”

“According to the victim, the suspect then took out a silver knife and brandished the weapon toward him and said he was a Latin King and was not to be messed with or he would ‘stab him up.’”