ICYMI: Mismanagement at Treasury Under Business Guru Goldberg

BOSTON -- Deb Goldberg likes to tout her business experience, but the reality for Massachusetts taxpayers is that she is running parts of the Treasurer's Office into the ground.  While she claims deep experience in "management," recent reports show trouble in at least two high-profile areas: the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission and the Unclaimed Property Division. Continue reading

Dems "Concerned" Rosenberg Probe Will Distract From Their Failed Agenda

BOSTON -- After spending the legislative session raising their own pay and blocking tax relief for consumers, Democrats are suddenly "concerned" that the investigation into the ex-Senate President will distract from their agenda. Continue reading

Rosenberg, Democrat Supporters Lose All Credibility

BOSTON -- A bombshell report from The Boston Globe has all but destroyed Senator Stan Rosenberg's dubious claim that he had no knowledge of the abuse of power by his husband, who is also accused of sexual misconduct. Democrats in the state senate will face new scrutiny over their support of Rosenberg - especially given his history of scoffing at the need for stringent ethics rules for public officials.  Continue reading

ICYMI: Lucas: Questions Remain About Rosenberg's Involvement With Investigation

BOSTON -- The Lowell Sun's Peter Lucas is out with a bombshell report indicating that Acting Senate President Harriette Chandler has inside knowledge of the supposedly independent and confidential ethics committee proceedings into Senator Stan Rosenberg, and that some of the Democrat committee members appointed by Rosenberg to the committee to oversee the investigation are poised to support his return to power. The report questions the independence of the committee process from Democrat leadership, as Rosenberg "roams the corridors of the Statehouse and sits in Senate sessions along with members of the committee who are investigating him."   Continue reading

What They're Saying: "Calm And Confident" Governor Baker Delivered An "Uplifting" Address

BOSTON -- Governor Baker's third State of the Commonwealth address touted a strong economy, fiscal discipline, and progress on major initiatives. Observers called the address "uplifting," and the Governor earned praise from across the state and both sides of the aisle. Continue reading

With Shutdown Vote, Warren Fails To Fund CHIP, A Move She Said Would "Put Children's Health At Risk"

BOSTON -- In a stunning reversal, Senator Elizabeth Warren voted tonight to shut down the federal government, and to block a long-term plan that funds the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). Warren has previously said that not funding CHIP would "put children's health at risk." Warren has also called shutting down the government "staggeringly irresponsible." Continue reading

ICYMI: State House News Service: "After GOP Criticism," DeLeo Walks Back Comments On Taxes

BOSTON -- After the MassGOP criticized his willingness to raise taxes on hardworking Massachusetts families, Speaker DeLeo yesterday walked back his comments from Monday. Continue reading

Dems Again Fail To Protect Taxpayers

BOSTON -- House Democrats are refusing to rule out tax increases on hardworking Massachusetts families, continuing an abysmal session that has seen them accomplish little beyond a pay raise for themselves.  Continue reading

ICYMI: Daily Hampshire Gazette On Baker, Polito: "We Appreciate Attention To Rural Western MA"

BOSTON -- An editorial in the Daily Hampshire Gazette lauds the commitment of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Polito to rural western Massachusetts, and to investing in communities across the Commonwealth. Continue reading

Chairman Hughes Op-Ed: GOP An Alternative To Dem Corruption

BOSTON -- An op-ed from MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes in today's edition of The Lowell Sun makes the case that voters are looking for an alternative to the Legislature's one-party rule, where multiple Democrat lawmakers are the subject of ongoing FBI investigations. Hughes makes the case that in 2018, Republican candidates are ready to stand for the honest and accountable government that voters deserve. Continue reading