ICYMI: 'Former Executive' Goldberg Shutting Down Local Business

BOSTON - Treasurer Deb Goldberg, who pledged in her campaign to bring a "business approach"to her office, is doing the exact opposite as her agency reverses 16 years of practice, a move that will result in shutting down a locally owned and operated small business. Goldberg's Alcohol Beverage Control Commission has pulled the plug on the state licenses for the Nashoba Valley Winery even though it has been issuing them since 2000, reports WBUR. Continue reading

As Warren Endorses Clinton, Awkward Questions Remain

BOSTON -- As Sen. Elizabeth Warren prepares to endorse Hillary Clinton tonight, some awkward questions remain - including whether Warren will repudiate her previous attacks on Clinton, and whether today's endorsement undermines the Senator's carefully crafted populist image. Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Sen. Warren Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding reports that Sen. Elizabeth Warren intends to endorse Hillary Clinton:  Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Democrat State Convention

BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Republican Party released the following statement in response to the Democrats' State Convention today: Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Democrats' Reckless Attack Of Gov. Baker's Public Safety Plan

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Democrats' press conference designed to attack Governor Baker's plan to keep the people of Massachusetts safe:  Continue reading

ICYMI: Governor Baker "Strikes Deval Patrick's ICE Policy," Gives Law Enforcement More Tools

BOSTON -- Today Governor Charlie Baker's Administration announced a reversal of former Governor Patrick's ban on the state police's ability to detain undocumented immigrants at the request of ICE. Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Boston Fundraiser

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton's Boston fundraiser featuring Bon Jovi:  Continue reading

MassGOP Presents: "Flipping Warren" - Senator's Statements On Foreclosures At Odds With Her Record

BOSTON -- As Senator Elizabeth Warren faces fresh scrutiny over her record of flipping houses for profit, the MassGOP presents "Flipping Warren" - a look at how the the Senator's statements on the practice don't match her record. Continue reading

Governor "Out To Close [A] Costly Loophole" With Sick Time Crack-Down

BOSTON -- Today, Governor Baker unveiled a plan to crack down on the abuse of sick time by state employees, the latest in a series of common-sense, fiscally conservative reforms designed to ensure state government provides the accountability and transparency that taxpayers deserve. Continue reading

Tough Day For Transparency In Rosenberg's Senate

BOSTON -- The Senate has barely begun to debate next year's budget, and Democratic leaders have already indicated that they aren't interested in transparency.  Earlier today, Democrats unanimously rejected a Republican proposal to increase the number of public hearings held before a tax hike could be passed.  To make matters worse, Senate leadership is also dead-set on denying the public access to viewing important aspects of the debate: removing the text of withdrawn amendments from the Legislature's website. Continue reading