Time For Rosenberg To Act After Subpoena In Joyce Probe Brings Senate Under Scrutiny

BOSTON -- In the latest chapter of the ongoing saga of Democrat Brian Joyce's public corruption, the state senate has received a subpoena in connection with a federal probe of Joyce's activities. With Joyce's corruption now causing the entire senate to come under scrutiny, the MassGOP is calling on Senate President Rosenberg to persuade his fellow Democrat to resign now: Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Graduated Income Tax Amendment

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement after the Democrat-led Legislature advanced a massive new income tax hike in today's Constitutional Convention: Continue reading

MassGOP, Governor Baker Statements On Plymouth And Norfolk Special Senate Election

BOSTON -- Tonight, Republican Patrick O'Connor secured victory in the special election for the Plymouth and Norfolk state senate district. O'Connor, the Weymouth Town Council President, will succeed former GOP Senator Bob Hedlund, who was elected Mayor of Weymouth last year. Continue reading

ICYMI: Chip Harrington slams Sen. Eric Lesser on small business record

BOSTON -- GOP Senate candidate Chip Harrington yesterday called out Sen. Eric Lesser for his hypocrisy on supporting small businesses. While Lesser talks a big game about his support for small business, his record doesn't match his rhetoric: voting against a bill designed to reduce costs for them. Continue reading

ICYMI: Boston Herald Endorses Patrick O'Connor: "A Reliable Vote For Fiscal Responsibility"

BOSTON -- The Boston Herald today endorsed Patrick O'Connor in the special election for the Plymouth and Norfolk state senate seat, arguing he'll be a strong voice for the state's taxpayers, while continuing to forge consensus on key issues. Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Congressional District Delegate Caucuses

BOSTON -- Following the conclusion of today's congressional district delegate caucuses, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement: Continue reading

Rosenberg: Senate Dems "Ever At The Ready" To Hike Taxes

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats are "ever at the ready" to hike taxes on working families, according to new comments from Senate President Stan Rosenberg today. Rosenberg added that the Senate had "some really good ideas" to raise new taxes in the future.  Continue reading

House Dems Stick It To Taxpayers Again

BOSTON -- With another budget season underway, the Democratic establishment on Beacon Hill is back to work sticking it to the taxpayers. As House Republicans fought to reduce the tax burden for working families and municipalities, Democrats once again killed amendments to promote fiscal responsibility. Continue reading

On Tax Day, Sheriff Candidate Azzato Stumbles Again, Apparently Violating Tax Law

BOSTON -- Democratic candidate for Barnstable Sheriff Randy Azzato can't seem to get out of his own way - or realize that candidates for top law enforcement jobs should probably follow the law. After stumbling out of the gate with campaign finance violations and flippant dismissals about the need to follow the law, Azzato once again finds himself facing questions about his compliance with the law - this time, the federal tax code.  Continue reading

MassGOP Announces Allocation Of National Convention Delegates

BOSTON -- Following unanimous ratification by an Allocations Committee that included representatives from the presidential campaigns, the Massachusetts Republican Party today announced the allocation of candidate-specific delegate slots for the different methods of election ahead of this summer's Republican National Convention. Continue reading