Warren's Overzealous Bullying Of Economist Is 'McCarthyism Of The Left,' 'Intellectual Purge'

BOSTON -- Elizabeth Warren's extreme tactics apparently know no bounds. Her recent character assassination on a liberal economist has been dubbed "McCarthyism of the left" and even fellow Democrats are saying she's gone too far. Continue reading

MassGOP Calls On Healey, Dems To Return Teamsters' Donations After Federal Indictment Over Sexist, Homophobic Actions

BOSTON -- Today, members of the Teamsters Local 25 union were indicted on several federal charges related to "old school thug tactics" that included sexist and homophobic actions last year. MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne called on Attorney General Maura Healey and other Democrat officeholders to return the thousands of dollars they've received in campaign contributions from the group. Healey alone accepted $15,000 from the group last year, and already $500 this year. Continue reading

MassGOP Congratulates Sen. Bob Hedlund On Weymouth Mayoral Preliminary Victory

BOSTON -- Last night, Senator Bob Hedlund (R-Weymouth) won a decisive victory in the preliminary election for the Weymouth mayoral race. Topping a crowded field of six candidates with over 55% of the vote, Hedlund scored victories in every one of Weymouth's eighteen precincts. In the final election on November 3, Hedlund will face incumbent mayor Sue Kay (D), whom he bested by over 30 percentage points in the preliminary election.  Continue reading

Bump Pumps Up Travel Expenses As Commuters Suffer

BOSTON -- Auditor Suzanne Bump's exorbitant travel expenses are under fire after a review published in today's Boston Herald revealed she spent thousands on needless hotels to avoid commuting.  Continue reading

Globe Column Blasts Carmen's Union For "Drama Queen Rhetoric"

BOSTON -- In the latest setback to union bosses' over-the-top, anti-reform tactics,Boston Globe columnist Joan Venocchi slammed the Carmen's union for "drama queen rhetoric" in their opposition to MBTA reform. Vennochi criticized labor leaders for "attacking anyone who challenges labor’s right to call the shots." Vennochi's column is the latest criticism of the special interests' attacks on Governor Baker's common-sense MBTA reform, coming on the heels of editorials from both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald in recent weeks.  Continue reading

As Obama Addresses Labor In Boston, Anti-Worker 'Cadillac Tax' Looms

BOSTON -- As President Barack Obama descends on the Bay State to join union bosses and Democratic politicians at the annual Labor Day Breakfast, a key element of Obamacare is poised to hurt most Massachusetts families, including those in union households. Obamacare's "Cadillac Tax" on "high-cost" health insurance plans will take effect in 2018, and will force Massachusetts working families to pay thousands of dollars a year in new taxes: over $50,000 over ten years for the average police officer, for example. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement: Continue reading

T Union Reverses Course, Promises To Obstruct MBTA Fixes

BOSTON -- The union that once pledged on radio spots that it is “here to help. We want to help” in the aftermath of last winter's crippling storms, is now promising to obstruct efforts to fix the MBTA. The reversal of position from pledging "to help" to pledging to ensure the effort "isn't going to be easy" comes after the Democratic-controlled legislature passed Governor Charlie Baker's plan to increase efficiencies at the MBTA and pave the way for more public-private partnerships at the agency.  Continue reading

Petruccelli's Shady, Wasteful Earmark Exposed By Baker Veto

BOSTON -- A pet project sponsored by Democrat State Senator Anthony Petruccelli has been exposed for shoddy reporting and sketchy details following a recent veto by Governor Baker. Though the veto was ultimately overturned by the Democratic Legislature, the Governor's veto prompted serious questions about the project: No one associated with the program has been able to explain its purpose, and individuals associated with it have ducked questions from journalists. Petruccelli's office has been unable to answer questions about it, and the program has now caught the attention of investigators. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes called on Petruccelli to explain the earmark:  Continue reading

MassGOP Statement on Second Plymouth and Bristol Special Election

BOSTON – Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) has officially filed with the Secretary of State as a candidate in the special State Senate election for the Second Plymouth and Bristol district. Diehl is the only Republican candidate in the race. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement welcoming Diehl's candidacy:  Continue reading

Globe Editorial Dismisses Unions' "Phony Charge Against Governor Baker"

BOSTON -- The Boston Globe's editorial board is defending Governor Baker's common-sense and innovative reforms for the MBTA against entrenched special interest attacks. The Globe editorial from this weekend dismissed over-the-top criticisms from Carmen's Union President James O'Brien as "phony," pointing out that the Governor's plan to leverage private-sector efficiency for some MBTA services amounts to "doing what he said he would." The paper lauds the plan, asserting, "Baker deserves credit" for serious efforts to reform the agency. Continue reading