Kelcourse Secures Victory in the 1st Essex District

BOSTON – Three days of hand recounts in Newburyport, Salisbury and Amesbury have confirmed Republican James Kelcourse won the election for State Representative from the 1st Essex District by 12 votes on November 4th. Continue reading

DeCoste Secures Victory in the 5th Plymouth District

BOSTON – Yesterday, after two days of hand recounts, Representative Rhonda Nyman (D-Hanover) conceded the race in the 5th Plymouth District. Republican Representative-elect David DeCoste officially won the seat by 49 votes. Continue reading

Statement From MassGOP Chairman Regarding Rep. Beaton’s Appointment

BOSTON – Today the MassGOP Chairman, Kristen Hughes released the following statement regarding Rep. Matt Beaton’s appointment:   Continue reading

Statement of Chairman Kirsten Hughes Regarding Election Results

BOSTON – MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes today released the following statement:   Continue reading

Caught On Tape: Coakley Says MA “Doesn’t Need Fixing”

BOSTON – Yesterday, Attorney General Martha Coakley proudly stated Massachusetts “doesn’t need fixing” before calling for greater state spending and higher taxes. Continue reading

MassGOP Files Ethics Complaint Regarding AG Coakley’s Conflict Of Interest Controversy

BOSTON – Today, the Massachusetts Republican State Party filed a complaint with the Ethics Commission after The Boston Globe reported Attorney General Martha Coakley did not disclose an apparent conflict of interest. Continue reading

Goldberg: An Insider’s Insider

BOSTON – Stop & Shop heiress Deb Goldberg recently claimed she’s not an insider, but as a new video by the MassGOP shows, she’s the ultimate Democratic insider’s insider. Continue reading

MassGOP Chairman Calls On Coakley To Denounce VP Biden’s Pattern Of Sexism

BOSTON – Vice President Joe Biden plans to make a stop in the Bay State today to assist with fundraising efforts in coordination with the Democratic National Committee. However, after showing an alarming pattern of sexist statements, the MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes calls on the state’s Attorney General to denounce Biden’s demeaning comments towards women of various backgrounds. Continue reading

AG Coakley’s Pre-K Etcha-A-Sketch Effort Exposed

BOSTON – Attorney General Martha Coakley is coyly trying to undo a billion-dollar promise she made countless times throughout the Democrats’ bruising primary while still paying lip service to her liberal base. Unfortunately for the AG, the media sees through her pledge for “universal pre-K.” Continue reading

Coakley Denies Reality, Offers Empty Universal Pre-K Promise Without Funds To Back It Up

BOSTON – Attorney General Martha Coakley is campaigning again today on her empty promise of universal pre-K education even though she has admitted she does not know how much it will cost or how she will pay for it. Even more laughable, Coakley denies reports by The Boston Globe and State House News Service about a study completed by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center which pegged the cost of universal pre-K at $1.5 billion. Continue reading