MassGOP Calls on Secretary of State Galvin to Personally Oversee Voting in Lawrence

BOSTON– The MassGOP is calling on Secretary of State William Galvin to personally oversee voting in Lawrence, Massachusetts in light of reports of “confusion and overall chaos” in the cities preliminary election by his own poll observer. On November 1st, the Eagle-Tribune described multiple voting irregularities in this report, including people being illegally added to voting lists, absent poll workers, broken ballot machines, unposted rules and candidates campaigning inside the polling location. Continue reading

MassGOP Calls On Coakley To Release Documents, Will File Complaints Over Finance Flap

Boston- Today, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes announced the Party will file complaints with the FEC and the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance following a scathing Boston Globe report showing Attorney General Martha Coakley likely violated campaign finance laws and mismanaged campaign funds. Coakley must publicly address this matter, make public all the information about the $35,000 in database spending, and allow an independent third party to investigate because she clearly cannot be trusted to investigate herself. While Coakley has so far referred all inquiries to a campaign spokesman, Hughes called on the state's top cop to address media herself and release information regarding campaign expenditures the Boston Globe alleged were in violation of the law. Continue reading

Coakley’s Easy Deal for Dookhan Sparks Bi-Partisan Outrage

BOSTON— Fellow Democrat and Suffolk County District Attorney, Dan Conley is the latest to criticize the sentence Attorney General Martha Coakley recommended for Annie Dookhan, the former state lab chemist charged with mishandling of evidence in thousands of cases. When news broke that Dookhan will only see a few years behind bars after millions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted and thousands of cases dismissed, various Democrats quickly spoke out against AG Coakley’s ruling. Continue reading

VIDEO: What They’re Saying About Coakley’s "Bad Day"

Boston- Attorney General Martha Coakley is under fire and some are questioning if she really is tough on crime after recommending only as little as five years in jail for a suspect in the drug lab scandal. Fox 25's Jim Polito ripped the decision days ago and her Democratic opponent, State Treasurer Steve Grossman also seized on the news to blast AG Coakley:  Continue reading

Caught on Camera: Coakley Calls Small Business Struggles with Obamacare a Myth

BOSTON – Today, the Massachusetts Republican Party reacted to video in which Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley said it is a “myth” that Massachusetts small businesses will be hurt by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The video was captured outside a Newton Democratic Town Committee Meeting on Wednesday, October 15th. In the video, a rightfully concerned Coakley staffer is seen abruptly trying to curtail the conversation and block the camera.  Continue reading

MassGOP Demands Documents in Connection to Possible Federal Rules Violations Of Senator Warren and her Staff

BOSTON – Today, in connection with a Senate Ethics Complaint filed against Senator Warren’s office, the Massachusetts Republican Party filed an additional request with the Senate Ethics Committee for evidence that the staff member in question, Mindy Myers, has been formally documented as a Political Fund Designee and has filed public financial disclosure statements as required under Federal Rules. These documents are unequivocally mandated under Federal Rules. Continue reading

VIDEO: MassGOP Thanks Republican Legislators for Fighting Against the Tech Tax…Forever Gas Tax is Next

BOSTON, MA - On the day of the Tech Tax repeal, the Massachusetts Republican Party is releasing a web video to thank our Republican Legislators for fighting for Massachusetts’ technology sector from the very start. Continue reading

MassGOP Statement: State Jobless Rate Still High; Newly Unemployed Greeted by Broken Benefits System Millons Over Budget

Boston - Kirsten Hughes, Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, issued the following statement today in response to yet another month of high unemployment in Massachusetts: Continue reading

Reviews are Cold and Clammy for Coakley’s Handshake Tour

Boston- Martha Coakley's over-hyped handshaking kick-off tour wrapped up yesterday but her complete lack of substance on actual issues did not go unnoticed by the voters or the state's biggest paper. Patrons were treated to candidate Coakley’s positions on soup, cobb salad and omelets but few important issues and even fewer specifics were addressed, a point that did not go unnoticed by Boston Globe's Scott Lehigh.   Continue reading

MassGOP Chair on Democrat Martha Coakley's Announcement

Boston- With Martha Coakley's "pollster" inspired decision to jump into the Democratic primary, the field is rounding out with almost equally flawed candidates making the choice for liberals tough come September 2014.   Continue reading