ICYMI: The Lowell Sun: On Health Care, Warren's All-Talk Approach Shows She's Just Playing Politics

The Lowell Sun editorial board takes Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Massachusetts congressional delegation to task today - over their complete failure to offer any substantive solutions on health care. The Sun's editorial notes that Warren's all-talk approach indicates she's just in it for the politics - and has no interest in actually fixing what's wrong with the current system. Continue reading

More Money For Politicians Fuels More Dysfunction Among Dem Leaders

BOSTON -- Months after voting to give themselves a massive pay raise, tensions reached a fever pitch among Democrats this week as party leaders openly attacked one another, stalling negotiations over long-awaited bills. Senate President Stan Rosenberg called comments from House Speaker Bob DeLeo "Bull$#!t" and implied that House members are incompetent all after the two Democrats resorted to criticizing each other in cryptic public statements. Continue reading

MassGOP Chairman Calls On Healey To Explain, Apologize For Office's Misconduct & Cover-Up

BOSTON -- A superior court judge sharply criticized Attorney General Maura Healey's office for concealing evidence and trying to cover up mistakes in a drug lab scandal, and the consequences of that behavior could lead to "thousands" of convicted drug dealers being freed, according to the Boston Herald. Healey's attempt to whitewash the mishandling of the Sonja Farak case just to make her office look better could have lasting and dangerous consequences for the criminal justice system, according to today's report. Continue reading

ICYMI: Warren's Single Payer Flip-Flop-Flip

BOSTON -- Senator Elizabeth Warren's acknowledgement yesterday that she's lurched to the left by supporting single payer health care completes her flip-flop-flip on the issue - given that in 2012, she opposed the idea after previously supporting it. Continue reading

Dem Guv Hopefuls Tongue-Tied On ICE Partnerships

BOSTON -- Democrats moved quickly yesterday to distance themselves from a controversial bill that would have sharply limited the ability of local law enforcement to coordinate with federal authorities to keep dangerous criminals off the streets. But their colleagues running for governor suddenly found themselves tongue-tied, unable to support a commonsense program that's kept dangerous criminals off the streets - while one candidate actually endorsed eliminating the partnership. Continue reading

As Dems Lurch Left In Worcester, MassGOP Welcomes Moderates With Digital Campaign

Democrats are gathering in Worcester this weekend in the midst of an internal battle that's pushing their party further and further to the left: Continue reading

Setti Warren Clueless On How To Pay For Costly Proposals

BOSTON -- Mayor Setti Warren has been in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination for a little over a week, and has still failed to provide concrete information on how he plans to pay for the expensive policy proposals that he has made the cornerstone of his campaign: Continue reading

Setti Warren Stumbles Out Of The Gate

BOSTON -- When he began his campaign for governor, Setti Warren was probably hoping that the first few days would go better than the botched launch of his failed 2011 run for US Senate. But after a few head-scratching and downright hypocritical statements during his media tour today, it's clear that Warren still has a long way to go before he's ready for prime time. Continue reading

ICYMI - Keller: "Voters Aren’t Getting What They Want" From Hyperpartisan Warren, Dems

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Democrats are failing voters who "just want them to work together to get things done," according to WBZ's Jon Keller in a piece out today. Keller slams Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her fellow Democrats for their low rankings on an index that measures the bipartisan effectiveness of members of Congress. From her obstruction of a bipartisan bill that boosted local opioid funding, or her willingness to flip-flop-flip on issues so she can cater to national liberals, there's no shortage of examples that prove Warren is focused on politics, not governing. Continue reading

MA Dems Push Regressive Soda Tax That Bernie Sanders Opposed

BOSTON -- Beacon Hill Democrats are so desperate to grab more revenue, they are pushing a regressive soda tax that hits the poor so hard that Sen. Bernie Sanders opposed it. Continue reading