VIDEO: MassGOP Thanks Republican Legislators for Fighting Against the Tech Tax…Forever Gas Tax is Next

BOSTON, MA - On the day of the Tech Tax repeal, the Massachusetts Republican Party is releasing a web video to thank our Republican Legislators for fighting for Massachusetts’ technology sector from the very start. Continue reading

Reviews are Cold and Clammy for Coakley’s Handshake Tour

Boston- Martha Coakley's over-hyped handshaking kick-off tour wrapped up yesterday but her complete lack of substance on actual issues did not go unnoticed by the voters or the state's biggest paper. Patrons were treated to candidate Coakley’s positions on soup, cobb salad and omelets but few important issues and even fewer specifics were addressed, a point that did not go unnoticed by Boston Globe's Scott Lehigh.   Continue reading

MassGOP Statement: State Jobless Rate Still High; Newly Unemployed Greeted by Broken Benefits System Millons Over Budget

Boston - Kirsten Hughes, Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, issued the following statement today in response to yet another month of high unemployment in Massachusetts: Continue reading

MassGOP Chair on Democrat Martha Coakley's Announcement

Boston- With Martha Coakley's "pollster" inspired decision to jump into the Democratic primary, the field is rounding out with almost equally flawed candidates making the choice for liberals tough come September 2014.   Continue reading

Profiles in Courage: On Syrian Military Action Markey Votes "Present"

Boston- Today, the Boston Globe reports that Senator Ed Markey demonstrated his lack of leadership by voting "present" on the United States resolution for military action in Syria.   Continue reading

What They Are Saying About The Democrats’ Job Killing Tech-Tax

BOSTON- While House and Senate Republicans moved in April to quash what is now widely accepted as a job killing technology tax foisted upon Massachusetts’ innovation economy by Democrats, critics across the state are now sounding the alarm. Despite the “foolishness” of this tax, every House and Senate Democrat voted for the “tech-tax monster.”   Continue reading