Warren Flip Flops, Bowing To Activist Pressure

BOSTON -- Yesterday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren let Massachusetts residents know who she believes she really works for. After Warren initially voted for HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson, she succumbed to intense pressure from angry far-left activists (who screamed at her) and flip-flopped on the issue. Continue reading

Democrats Run From Warren's Toxic Brand

BOSTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren's toxic brand - marked by hyperpartisanship and bullying attacks - is clearly an albatross for Democrats across the country. Her colleagues are rushing to distance themselves from her, pushing back against the notion that they're "guilty" of sharing her brand. Democrats' treatment of Warren as a pariah echoes the criticisms she received from her onetime allies who called her post-election antics "'shrill," and "unhinged." Continue reading

ICYMI: "MBTA Service Improves After Baker's Reforms"

BOSTON -- The Gloucester Daily Times has a new report chronicling the results of Gov. Charlie Baker's MBTA reforms, which have included cutting costs by streamlining services - without raising taxes. Continue reading

ICYMI: Springfield Republican On Pay Hike Scheme: "Democratic State Legislators Are Out Of Control"

BOSTON - The Springfield Republican editorial board ripped legislative Democrats for their backhanded tactics designed to maximize their personal benefit after they rammed through a masssive $18M pay hike. Continue reading

MassGOP Calls On AG Healey, Sen. Warren To Rescind Endorsement Of Cape Rep. After Bigoted Comments

BOSTON - The MassGOP released the following statement regarding revelations that state representative Dylan Fernandes (D) made "racist, homophobic, sexist or anti-Native American comments" on social media. AG Maura Healey hired Fernandes before he became a candidate for state representative, when he was endorsed by both Healey and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Continue reading

On Groundhog Day, Dem Guv Wannabes Push Four Years Of Tax Hikes

Voters See Shadow Of Tax-Hiking Records Of Gonzalez, Warren BOSTON - This Groundhog Day, Massachusetts voters have another spectacle to watch that's closer to home than Punxsutawney: The nascent Democrat primary for governor. Continue reading

Crickets From Statewide Dems On Pay Hike As Legislature Ignores Public Outcry

BOSTON - Democrats in the Legislature are poised to ignore public outcry and approve a massive pay hike for themselves and constitutional officers. And still, taxpayers have not received an explanation from AG Healey, Secretary Galvin, and Treasurer Goldberg as to whether they will join Republicans in opposing this underhanded scheme - and whether they will follow Gov. Baker's lead and reject the pay hike. Continue reading

On Day One - Candidate Gonzalez Lays Groundwork for Tax Hikes

BOSTON - Democrat Jay Gonzalez has been a candidate for governor for less than 24 hours, and he's already laying the groundwork to raise taxes on the people of Massachusetts. Continue reading

Statewide Dems In Line For Pay Bump Find Themselves Tongue-Tied

BOSTON -- Democratic statewide officials - Attorney General Maura Healey, Treasurer Deb Goldberg, and Secretary of State William Galvin - all stand to receive a significant raise if the Democrat Legislature's effort to ram through a pay hike is successful. But the three find themselves mysteriously tounge-tied on the issue. Even Mayor Setti Warren was able to muster opposition to the pay hike - an awkward ordeal for him given that his own request for a raise was exposed in the process. Continue reading

MassGOP Digital Campaign Targets Freshmen Dems Who Voted For Pay Hike

BOSTON -- This week, several freshmen Democrat lawmakers took their first-ever recorded votes on Beacon Hill: giving themselves a pay hike. Continue reading