Hughes Re-Elected MassGOP Chairman

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Republican State Committee tonight voted to re-elect Kirsten Hughes as the Chairman of the MassGOP. The State Committee re-elected Hughes by a 46-30 margin. Chairman Hughes issued the following statement: Continue reading

"Mutiny," "A Colossal Waste Of Time," - Kennedy/MassDems Group Therapy Session Takes A Nosedive In Newton

BOSTON - As their party struggles to regroup after massive losses at the polls, Massachusetts Democrats last night attempted to chart a course forward with a meeting for the party "faithful" in Newton. But the public group therapy session spun wildly out of control, as Congressman Joe Kennedy faced blowback from far-left activists who demanded he bow to their obstructionist demands. The meeting reached a fever pitch as disgruntled attendees hurled obscenities and wrested control of the mic from the state party chairman.  Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Senator Warren's Announcement

BOSTON - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Senator Warren's announcement that she will seek re-election: Continue reading

Lottery Losing Under Goldberg The Alleged Retailer

BOSTON - On the campaign trail, Deb Goldberg claimed, "I know how to run things," and said she would leverage her business experience would help improve the state lottery. But with scratch ticket sales dropping under Goldberg's tenure, it's clear that she can't get the job done for the Lottery's bottom line. Continue reading

Warren Tries To Distract From Obstructionism On Cures Act

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren is engaging in political doublespeak, attempting to distract from her obstructionism on the 21st Century Cures Act. On WBZ-TV's "Keller at Large," Warren tried to claim that her opposition to the bipartisan bill made it 'better' even though she voted against it, in a reflexively ideological move that leaves her marginalized in the Senate. Continue reading

Warren's About-Face On Angry Facebook Rant Reveals Her Strategy: "Strike First, Ask Questions Later"

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren has reversed course on her angry Facebook rant that attacked one of her own supporters in a factually inaccurate way. Warren was forced to take back her attacks on Whitney Tilson, less than a day after she doubled down on the criticism, opting to only remove one word from the post. Facing increasing blowback, she finally relented late Wednesday. Continue reading

What They're Saying: Blowback From Warren's Wild Facebook Attack

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren is facing continued blowback from her outraged Facebook rant against her own donor that contained factual inaccuracies.  Continue reading

ICYMI: Financial Analysts Praise Baker Administration's Fiscally Responsible Budgeting

BOSTON - The Baker Administration's fiscally responsible approach to the state budget received praise this week from independent analysts:   Continue reading

MassGOP Statement On Senator Warren's Vote Against Bipartisan Medical Legislation

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren today voted against the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, an important bill that would invest critical resources in battling the opioid crisis and advancing important medical research. Fortunately, enough Senators signed onto the bipartisan bill and rejected Warren's obstructionism to pass the legislation, 94-5. Warren's opposition to the bill was seen as an obstructionist tactic designed to advance her political priorities. Continue reading

ICYMI: Boston Herald Editorial Slams Warren's Grandstanding: "How Far We Have Fallen"

BOSTON - In an editorial today, the Boston Herald called out Sen. Elizabeth Warren's obstructionist tactics regarding the 21st Century Cures Act, a bipartisan bill that advances key priorities like medical research and opioid addiction resources. The Herald blasted Warren's decision to put party politics over the needs of her constituents, lamenting that her predecessor Ted Kennedy would have never stooped to such tactics.  Continue reading