Warren Blocks Opioid Funding For Political Gain

BOSTON - Senator Elizabeth Warren is continuing her "exhausting," combativeness, this time threatening to derail legislation that includes $1 billion in addiction relief funding. Advocates and even members of her own party are tired of her partisan games and are urging her to get out of the way of this critical legislation. Continue reading

ICYMI: Taxpayers Face "High Price Tag" For Law Firm To Defend Healey

BOSTON - Attorney General Maura Healey has spared no expense as she spends taxpayer resources to defend herself in an out-of-state case. The Boston Herald reported today that Healey's office has already "shelled out $44,000 and counting to a high-powered Texas law firm a judge dubbed the 'most expensive' in the Dallas area" to defend her interests in a politically prominent case.   Continue reading

ICYMI: Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski Slams Sen. Warren: "Tired Of This Act;" "Shrill, Almost Unhinged"

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren's former supporters are getting sick of her obstructionist post-election behavior. On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, the criticism reached a fever pitch, as Mika Brzezinski, who had long supported Warren, lambasted the Senator's recent speech as "shrill...almost unhinged." Brzezinski criticized Warren's aggressive attacks as out of touch: "do you lead with anger?...I am getting tired of this act.”  Continue reading

MassGOP Chairman Hughes Issues Statement Regarding Warren's Hypocritical Letter to President-elect Trump

BOSTON -- In a hypocritical move that flies in the face of Democrats' calls for unity, Sen. Elizabeth Warren today issued a reckless letter to President-elect Donald Trump with a series of demands regarding the makeup of his transition team. The problem is, while Warren rails against the inclusion of Wall Street executives and lobbyists, she's gladly taken campaign contributions from the industry, and has employed corporate lobbyists on her campaign team.  Continue reading

Governor Baker, Chairman Hughes Statements On Legislative Election Victories

BOSTON -- For the first time in more than thirty years, the Massachusetts Republican Party saw a net gain in elections for the state legislature in a presidential election year.     Continue reading

MassGOP Obtains Azzato Internal Affairs Records

BOSTON -- After stumbling out of the gate by being fined for campaign finance violations, Democrat candidate for Barnstable Sheriff Randy Azzato has spent 2016 trying to hide his full record from voters. After claims surfaced that Azzato might have been under investigation while he was an employee at the Department of Corrections, Azzato defensively fired back that the public would only see his internal affairs records "over my dead body." This week however, the MassGOP successfully obtained his records - which run over 400 pages and are public record. Continue reading

ICYMI: FOX Business: Warren's "Surprising" Refusal To Return Tainted Cash

BOSTON -- FOX Business checks in on the developing story surrounding the potentially illegal Democrat fundraising scheme run by Thornton Law: "Senator Elizabeth Warren has reportedly received an estimated $130,000 from the Thornton Law Firm over the past decade. Critics are surprised by her decision to keep the donations."  Continue reading

Warren On Campaign Finance: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

BOSTON -- After the Boston Globe unearthed a potentially illegal Democrat fundraising scheme designed to circumvent campaign finance rules, Democrats are under pressure to return campaign funds collected from lawyers at Thornton LLP. Sen. Elizabeth Warren remains conspicuously silent on the news, even as Democrats she endorsed - like Maggie Hassan, Russ Feingold, and Katie McGinty - are bowing to pressure and returning the donations. Perhaps that's because her startling hypocrisy on the issue of campaign finance has now been exposed: Warren's mantra on "money in politics" seems to be "do as I say, not as I do."   Continue reading

Dozens Of Democrat Officials, Candidates Used Potentially Illegal Fundraising Scheme

BOSTON -- A new Boston Globe "Spotlight" investigation exposes a donation scheme - involving a major Democrat law firm and several prominent Massachusetts Democrats - that appears to violate campaign finance rules regarding individual contributions. An analysis of FEC and OCPF records indicates that dozens of Massachusetts Democrats stopped in at Thornton LLP to take advantage of a fundraising scheme in which the law firm provided bonuses to employees who donate to Democrat candidates. Continue reading

MassGOP Calls On AG Healey To Rescind Dixon Endorsement After Domestic Violence Revelations

BOSTON -- A story in today's Worcester Telegram and Gazette is shedding light on a domestic violence case involving Democrat Moses Dixon, a candidate for state representative in the 17th Worcester District. Dixon, whose bid for state rep. was endorsed this summer by Attorney General Maura Healey, was arrested in 2012 and charged with assault and battery on his then-girlfriend after he allegedly choked her and pinned her against a wall. Dixon was later the subject of a restraining order. Today, the MassGOP called on AG Healey to rescind her endorsement of Dixon given these disturbing revelations:  Continue reading