Democrats' War on Women: Female Candidate Pressured to Drop Guv Bid

BOSTON--Democratic candidate for Governor Juliette Kayyem revealed yesterday on Boston Herald radio that she is being pressured to drop out of the race seemingly to make way for the other female candidate in the crowded primary--Attorney General Martha Coakley.

"Apparently, there is only room in the Massachusetts' Democratic establishment for one woman and the power brokers are waging war on one to boost a one-time loser, Martha Coakley," said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP chairman. "After all these years on Beacon Hill looking the other way for her powerful Democratic friends, you'd think Martha wouldn't have to resort to bullying the other woman to get ahead in the crowded primary."

Juliette Kayyem admitted to getting pressured to drop out of the race."Although she’s felt pressure to drop out of the race or to consider a run for a different position, Kayyem said she is determined to put up a fight..." (Kathy Breen, "Kayyem, former pot smoker, against legalizing drug for recreational use," The Boston Herald, 1/14/14)

This is not the first time Kayyem was pressured to clear the field for Coakley. "And Emily’s List, a fundraising group that supports pro-choice women candidates, shifted its support to Coakley within a few days of her entering the race, then gently encouraged Kayyem to get out of the running and lend her support to Coakley as well." (Hanna Rosin, "More Than a Woman,", 10/24/13)