MassGOP Obtains Azzato Internal Affairs Records

BOSTON -- After stumbling out of the gate by being fined for campaign finance violations, Democrat candidate for Barnstable Sheriff Randy Azzato has spent 2016 trying to hide his full record from voters. After claims surfaced that Azzato might have been under investigation while he was an employee at the Department of Corrections, Azzato defensively fired back that the public would only see his internal affairs records "over my dead body." This week however, the MassGOP successfully obtained his records - which run over 400 pages and are public record.

"Randy Azzato has said that he would authorize the release of his state employee records 'over my dead body.' Fortunately for Cape Cod voters, Azzato's records are public information and the Massachusetts Republican Party aggressively pursued their release, successfully obtaining them this week. We now know the records raise serious questions about Azzato's fitness for office." -MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne
Azzato's records can be viewed here:
Key highlights are below:
Page 34 – “[REDACTED] further documents Azzato asking about a tattoo on her arm, and touching the arm.  [REDACTED] reports the actions of Azzato made her feel ‘uncomfortable.'"  
Page 34-35 – Azzato aggressively asks for contact information, [REDACTED] “said she immediately felt uncomfortable."
Page 43 – [REDACTED] felt ‘creeped out’ by [Azzato]”
Page 44 – “It was apparent that Azzato would engage females in conversation differently than he does male staff.”  
Page 45 – [REDACTED] felt Azzato’s actions unprofessional and amount to “quid pro quo” harassment… [REDACTED] requested to meet with superintendent Mitchell and be removed from assignment… while Azzato is assigned at OCCC.  
Page 62 – “In response to these allegations, when interviewed, Azzato says he “believes [REDACTED] is a 'nut job'”
Page 112 - Azzato admits to bringing his cell phone into a facility where cell phones are not allowed, and using that cell phone to conduct campaign activity."