On Tax Day, Sheriff Candidate Azzato Stumbles Again, Apparently Violating Tax Law

BOSTON -- Democratic candidate for Barnstable Sheriff Randy Azzato can't seem to get out of his own way - or realize that candidates for top law enforcement jobs should probably follow the law. After stumbling out of the gate with campaign finance violations and flippant dismissals about the need to follow the law, Azzato once again finds himself facing questions about his compliance with the law - this time, the federal tax code. 

On his website, Azzato asks supporters to donate to his campaign and falsely claims that such donations will be tax deductible. This is a clear violation of IRS code: no donations to political organizations may be considered tax deductible under the code. If anyone has donated to Randy Azzato's campaign to date, we hope that they did not incorrectly take tax deductions based upon his faulty advice. Click here to see a screenshot of Azzato's website in which he claims his donations will be tax deductible. 

The MassGOP has filed a complaint with the IRS urging an investigation of Azzato's campaign. Click here to see the MassGOP's complaint.

"After kicking off his campaign with a clear violation of state campaign finance laws, Randy Azzato is at it again - this time falsely leading donors to believe their donations will be tax deductible. It's stunning that someone like Azzato believes he is qualified to serve as the top law enforcement officer in Barnstable County given his flagrant disregard for campaign finance law. Voters on Cape Cod deserve better." - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes