MassGOP Presents "Bad News Brady"

BOSTON -- Today, the MassGOP launches "Bad News Brady," a regular chronicle of the critical budget priorities that Rep. Mike Brady voted to kill earlier this year. In July, Brady took an extreme, hyperpartisan vote against the FY-2016 state budget because he stubbornly sided with special interests opposed to common-sense, bipartisan MBTA reforms. Brady was the only Representative to take the fringe position opposing the entire budget - and the people of his district - because he sided with the special interests. 

Brady Voted Against Upgrades To Brockton’s McKinley Playground – Choosing Politics And Special Interests Over The Children Of Brockton. 
The bipartisan state budget Brady voted against included upgrades to a playground in Brady's hometown. “For the operation of the division of state parks and recreation … provided further, that not less than $35,000 shall be expended for the City of Brockton Parks Department to renovate McKinley Playground,” (Line Item 2810-0100, “FY2016 Final Budget,” Massachusetts General Court, 
Mike Brady Felt McKinley Playground Didn't Deserve Funding Over Politics And The Special Interests:

State Representative Mike Brady was the lone vote in the House against the FY-2016 budget in July. “Democratic Rep. Michael Brady, a longtime union supporter, was the only representative out of 154 who voted against a conference committee report…”(Steve LeBlanc, “Brockton Rep. Michael Brady only dissenting vote on state budget bill,” AP, 7/8/15)