Bad News Brady #3: Brady Voted To Kill Substance Abuse Support In Brockton Courts

BOSTON -- Today, the MassGOP continues "Bad News Brady," a regular chronicle of the critical budget priorities that Rep. Mike Brady voted to kill earlier this year. In July, Brady took an extreme, hyperpartisan vote against the FY-2016 state budget because he stubbornly sided with special interests opposed to common-sense, bipartisan MBTA reforms. Brady was the only Representative to take the fringe position against the entire budget - and the people of his district - because he sided with special interests. 

Brady Voted To Kill Substance Abuse Support In the Brockton Courts – Choosing Politics And Special Interests Over Victims Of The Opioid Crisis. 
The bipartisan state budget Brady voted against included substance abuse support in the Brockton courts. . “For the bureau of substance abuse services … provided further, that in order to support and strengthen public access to substance abuse services in the commonwealth, funds shall be expended to maintain programming, including but not limited to, the following…(d) the placement of addiction specialists in selected courts, which shall include, but not be limited to, Brockton, Quincy and Plymouth district courts;” (Line Item 512-0200, “FY2016 Final Budget,” Massachusetts General Court,

State Representative Mike Brady was the lone vote in the House against the FY-2016 budget in July. “Democratic Rep. Michael Brady, a longtime union supporter, was the only representative out of 154 who voted against a conference committee report…” (Steve LeBlanc, “Brockton Rep. Michael Brady only dissenting vote on state budget bill,” AP, 7/8/15)