What They're Saying: Governor Baker's First Year Features Major Victories, Sky-High Popularity

BOSTON -- As Governor Charlie Baker wraps up his first year in office, he is receiving high praise from all corners of the Commonwealth. The Governor's first year featured significant victories - including a major overhaul at the MBTA investments in local aid - all while holding the line on taxes. And that leadership has resonated with the Commonwealth's voters: the Governor remains hugely popular, posting a 74% approval rating late this year - the highest in the country.

FOX 25: Governor Baker Closes Out 2015 Having Achieved "A Lot Of Successes" 
"Governor Charlie Baker is closing out his first year in office with a lot of successes under his belt. He has managed to deal with the MBTA's failures after the worst winter in years, forge agreement on key reforms at DCF, and keep his popularity rating at an all time high." (Sharman Saccheti, "FOX 25 sits down with Gov. Baker," FOX 25, 12/21/15)
Springfield Republican: Governor's No-Nonsense, Serious Approach Lead To "Sky-High" Approval Ratings 
"The Republican governor's approval ratings are sky-high...

"His most ambitious proposals – such as expanding access to charter schools and curbing opioid addiction – remain held up in the Legislature. But political observers say Baker has largely kept the state running smoothly, confronting last winter's record snowfall, passing a budget, taking steps toward fixing the MBTA, and working with municipal officials." (Shira Schoenberg, "Political observers weigh in: Why is Gov. Charlie Baker so popular?," Springfield Republican, 12/22/15)
Springfield Republican Editorial: More Politicians Should Emulate Governor Baker's Approach
"The reasons for Baker's popularity are easy to identify. He keeps in contact with leaders of both parties, he seeks a middle ground when possible and his commentary, while pointed and issues-driven, is neother incendiary nor bombastic.

"Why can't there be more like him? Isn't his style at least worth a try?" (The Editorial Board, "Why can't more pols try Charlie Baker's way?" Springfield Republican, 12/22/15)
Boston Globe: Governor Demonstrates Ability To Work With Anyone, "Managerial Chops"
"'The biggest mistake, I think, a new administration makes is they don’t talk to a lot of people who are important to whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish,' he said, in a wide-ranging, year-end interview with the Globe in his office Monday. 'We spent a lot of time, early on, talking to people. And we still do.'

"Those conversations, and Baker’s managerial chops in the face of crises at the MBTA and the state’s Department of Children and Families, have served the governor well thus far.

"A survey taken between May and November across all 50 states by Morning Consult, a technology and media company, found that Baker had a job approval rating of 74 percent, the highest of any governor in the country." (David Scharfenberg, "One year in, governor stresses outreach to foes," Boston Globe, 12/22/15)
Boston Herald: Governor Touts "Aspirational" Agenda And Focuses On Smart Policy
"As Gov. Charlie Baker relishes the 'small victories' of his first year in office, the popular Republican isn’t ruling out more budget cuts next year and defended his admittedly wonk-driven vision for his office as 'very aspirational' as he readies to embark on year two in the Corner Office." (Matt Stout, "Charlie Baker vows 'aspirational' agenda in ’16," Boston Herald, 12/22/15"
POLITICO: Ahead Of The Winter, Governor Focuses On Guaranteeing A Reliable MBTA For Commuters
"Long-term, the governor looks to have a transit system that is 'reliable, predictable, dependable and affordable.'

Baker says that can only be achieved by investing in improvements such as updating signals and switches along rail lines rather than building out new lines and adding new stations." (Lauren Dezenski, "Baker links the future of Massachusetts infrastructure to his own,"POLITICO, 12/22/15)