Berwick Pulls a Coakley on Tax Question

BOSTON – Gubernatorial wannabe Don Berwick channeled party-front runner Martha Coakley when he could not correctly state the sales tax rate in a televised interview. Coakley famously flubbed a question on the gas tax earlier this year, and now evidence continues to mount that the Democratic gubernatorial field is out-of-touch with struggling Massachusetts’ families.


Back in May, when asked what the state’s gas tax is, Attorney General Martha Coakley told WCVB’s On The Record that it was just a dime. That would be true if the year were 1983. Most recently on the same program, when asked about the state’s sales tax, Don Berwick stated 3 percent. 


“Not knowing our state’s gas tax and sales tax communicates that these two gubernatorial candidates are not aware of the real issues that are facing each taxpayer here in the Commonwealth. It’s frightening to think that the state’s top cop and another gubernatorial candidate are running for the Corner Office not knowing facts as simple as tax rates,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman.

 Don Berwick thinks that the sales tax is 3 percent. (WCVB’s On The Record, 8/10/14).


Coakley had no clue what the gas tax was. (WCVB’s On The Record, 5/18/14)