MassGOP Welcomes VP Biden To Massachusetts

BOSTON -- MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne released the following statement regarding Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Boston:

"The MassGOP welcomes the Vice President on his latest fundraising swing through Massachusetts. I hope he finds time on his trip to clarify whether he, like the President, knew about Secretary Clinton's use of a shady, unsecured email address during her time at the State Department. The people of this commonwealth demand and deserve transparency on this issue."
Joe Biden coming to Boston for fund-raiser. "Vice President Joe Biden will be in the Boston area Tuesday for an intimate fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee. Biden will meet with a group of 25 donors in a roundtable setting, according to a source at the committee." (David Scharfenberg, "Joe Biden coming to Boston for fund-raiser next week," The Boston Globe , March 4, 2015)

President Obama and Hillary Clinton e-mailed each other. "The White House on Monday said that President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had e-mailed each other during Clinton’s tenure in the State Department, drilling down on the point that their correspondence has been archived in accordance with the Presidential Records Act." (Jose A. DelReal, "White House: Yes, President Obama and Hillary Clinton e-mailed each other," The Washington Post, March 9, 2015).