Boston Globe's Lehigh: Coakley, Grossman Put Special Interests Ahead Of Voters

BOSTON-- Today, The Boston Globe's Scott Lehigh blasted Democratic big wigs, Treasurer Steven Grossman and Attorney General Martha Coakley for putting their pet special interest groups ahead of voters.

"It is alarming that the two public officials in the race for Governor, Coakley and Grossman appear to have the most to hide from voters," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. "Coakley failing this simple test of transparency is unfortunately more of the same from the woman who has violated campaign finance laws repeatedly and refused to offer a full explanation or agree to an independent state investigation."

Lehigh On Coakley: "Which brings us to Martha Coakley. As attorney general, Coakley is forever calling for more transparency, so surely as a candidate, she’d aggressively embrace openness. Not quite. What I got instead was calculated Coakley campaign caution.

“'Martha will commit to releasing questionnaires if all candidates agree to do the same so that there is a level playing field for everyone,' e-mailed campaign consultant Kyle Sullivan.
"In other words, Coakley won’t be a bold standard-setter, but if others consent, she’ll go along."

Lehigh On Grossman: "Treasurer Steve Grossman’s campaign offered this timid half-step: He would release the questionnaires provided the interest groups didn’t mind. And if they did? Then, 'out of respect for those organizations we will not violate their policies,' wrote campaign manager Josh Wolf, who added: 'In those cases, we’d share with you whatever answer we gave them with regard to any specific topic you may be interested in.'"

"There are three problems with that position. First, there’s no way to verify that you’d be getting the exact same answer. Second, some of the questionnaire issues are so arcane or subterranean that reporters and citizens would never think to ask about them.

"But the biggest problem is that Grossman has his priorities backwards. How about putting respect for voters and for transparency over deference to constituency groups?"

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