Another Brady Blunder: Brockton Dem Clueless About His Own District

BOSTON -- State Representative Mike Brady (D) is apparently confused as to the whereabouts of his district in the state House of Representatives. Even though he likes to claim that, "I work very hard for my constituents," Brady is apparently clueless about who those constituents actually are. His website,, claims he represents parts of Brockton that are not actually in his 9th Plymouth District - and leaves out parts that he actually represents. 

"It's not surprising that Rep. Brady is clueless about who his constituents are; he's only been accountable to special interests on Beacon Hill anyway" said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Brady should spend less time defending the Beacon Hill status quo, and take some time to learn where his district is. The last thing a complacent Democrat like Brady deserves is a promotion to the state senate."

Rep. Brady's website claims he represents the following precincts in Brockton: "Ward 1: Precincts B, D, Ward 2: Precincts B, C, D, Ward 3: Precincts A, B, C, D, Ward 4: Precincts A, D, Ward 5: Precinct A" (Click here to see the screenshot from

Brady's actual House district contains a totally different set of precincts: "Ninth Plymouth, Consisting of Brockton: Ward 2, Ward 3: Precincts A, B, C, Ward 4: Precincts A, D, Ward 5: Precinct A, Ward 7: Precincts A, B." (Michael D. Brady, "District,"

Brady said on Monday that he works "very hard for my constituents" ("MondayNight Talk 7-20-2015 featuring State Representative Mike Brady," WATD-FM, 7/20/15 - 5:20 mark)