Brady's Brazen Attempt To Campaign With Taxpayer Resources

BOSTON -- State Rep. Mike Brady (D-Brockton) - a candidate for the Second Plymouth and Bristol state senate special election - was caught on tape this week attempting to improperly use state resources for his campaign. In a recent radio appearance, Brady was asked how listeners could get involved in his campaign. Brady invited to listeners to call his state house office phone to learn more about his campaign - a clear attempt to improperly use taxpayer resources for his political campaign.

Click here to listen to Brady's brazen attempt to campaign using taxpayer resources for his campaign.

"Rep. Brady is demonstrating exactly why the arrogance of the Beacon Hill Democratic machine is wrong for Massachusetts," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "His brazen attempt to improperly use taxpayer resources for his campaign is a prime example of why voters continue to reject one-party rule in favor of balance and accountability. Voters in the Second Plymouth and Bristol District deserve better than an entrenched, unaccountable Democrat like Brady in the state senate."

In response, the MassGOP plans to formally request that the Ethics Commission investigate Rep. Brady - to determine any other instances of Brady improperly using state resources for political purposes. 

The Office of Campaign and Political Finance clearly prohibits the use of any public buildings - which includes the State House - for campaign purposes. "Using a public building or any part thereof for political campaign purposes is prohibited, unless equal access to the building is provided to any group wishing to use it, under the same terms and conditions as all other groups."("Public Resources and Campaigns," Campaign Finance Guide, Office of Political and Campaign Finance)

Further, the use of public telephones is clearly prohibited by OCPF. "Copy machines, fax machines, typewriters, telephones, computers, cars and trucks are some examples of taxpayer funded equipment that fall under this category." ("Public Resources and Campaigns," Campaign Finance Guide, Office of Political and Campaign Finance)