Rep. Mike Brady Pulls A "Coakley," Helps Himself To Tow Zone Parking

BOSTON --  Rep. Michael Brady (D-Brockton) seems to be emulating AG Martha Coakley's 2014 campaign in more ways than one. In addition to running an out-of-touch campaign that caters to special interests, Brady also seems to be adopting some of Coakley's notoriously bad parking habits from last year. At a recent candidates' forum at Bel-Air Towers in Brockton, Brady was caught on camera helping himself to an illegal parking spot in a clearly marked tow zone. What makes this instance worse is that Brady doesn't even have a security detail responsible for parking his car.

Brady Parked A Campaign Vehicle In A Tow Zone At A Recent Candidates' Forum:

The Vehicle In The Tow Zone Is Clearly Brady's Campaign Vehicle, As Seen From His Facebook Page (License Plate Numbers Match)

Martha Coakley faced criticism last year after she was caught parking her vehicle in a tow zone. (Sharman Sacchetti, "State's top cop caught parking in tow zone," FOX 25 News, 7/22/14)