Democrat Majority Blocks Public From Budget Debate

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has completely shut the public out from viewing the debate for next year's budget, depriving taxpayers from the chance to see how the House intends to spend their money.

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First, DeLeo extended the rope line cordoning off the House from the public and the media. Then, he moved debate into a private back room, "where House budget chief Rep. Brian Dempsey and his colleagues sort out which amendments to approve and which to reject..." (Michael Norton, "House budget debate a largely private affair," State House News Service, 4/28/15)

backroom.pngDeLeo's brazen attempt to shut the public out is just another example of the Democrat supermajority's lack of accountability. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released a statement:

"Democrats on Beacon Hill owe the taxpayers of Massachusetts a more open and accountable budget process. The majority's lack of transparency on this multi-billion dollar budget is just another example of the excesses of one-party rule in the Legislature. Speaker DeLeo should move debate into the public eye, and let taxpayers see how their money will be spent.”