MassGOP Bulletin: GOP Brings Right Priorities | Warren Flip-Flops, Eyeing Spotlight


Republican governance is making a difference for people and families across Massachusetts. Just this past week, Governor Baker signed an important bill that increases benefits for the families of first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice. And the Administration is investing in housing for homeless veterans in Brockton.

At the same time that we're investing in these important priorities, the GOP team on Beacon Hill is making government smaller and more responsive. Recently, the Baker Administration's efforts to cut state spending led to the first reduction in the state's payroll in over 15 years. And thanks to the work of Republican state representatives Randy Hunt and Keiko Orrall (our GOP national committeewoman), state government has eased regulations for small businesses this tax season.

GOP leadership is ensuring state government has the right priorities: standing up for heroes who made sacrifices for us, while making government smaller and more responsive to small business.

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To Victory,
Kirsten Hughes
MassGOP Chairman

Eyeing Spotlight, Warren Flips On Single Payer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign to appease national far-left activists has her completing a "flip-flop-flip" on single-payer, with an eye toward advancing her political ambitions. Warren's comments embracing single-payer at a recent town hall are the latest sign she's laser-focused on burnishing her profile among the left-wing base with flashy headlines, instead of representing Massachusetts.

According to POLITICO, "Sen. Elizabeth Warren made some Bernie Sanders supporters very happy on Friday night by saying she supports more 'progressive health care options like single-payer'...Some Republicans with long-term memories call the comments a "flip-flop-flip" for Warren -- who was for single-payer, then against, and now is moving back to supporting it."

MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes responded: "With this latest flip-flop on single-payer, Sen. Warren is demonstrating more clearly than ever that she's more focused on appeasing national liberal activists than advancing the interests of the Commonwealth. As she continues to adjust her positions based on which way the political winds are blowing, it will be increasingly obvious to Massachusetts voters that she's simply not interested in serving them."

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READ: Gov. Baker To Join Bipartisan White House Panel To Battle Opioid Crisis

"Baker, who said before taking office that battling the opioid crisis would be a key agenda item for his governorship, was set to join a panel of presidential appointees that would include Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat."

READ: "State funding paves way for homeless veterans housing in Brockton"

"The state provided funding Tuesday that paves the way for permanent housing for homeless individuals in the city. Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced $3.1 million in funding to support a Father Bills & MainSpring project on North Main Street."

READ: Gov. Baker Boosts Benefits For Families Of Fallen First Responders

"Gov. Charlie Baker is planning to sign legislation doubling the line of duty death benefit for families of first responders....The bill will also provide more funding for other state programs including home care services for seniors, the Department of Developmental Services’ Turning 22 program and homeless emergency assistance family shelters."

PHOTO: Governor Sends Off MA National Guard Before Deployment

"Grateful for the service of the soldiers of the @TheNationsFirst 1-181st Infantry Regiment. God speed and safe home as they deploy overseas."



READ: MassGOP Calls Out DuBois On Reckless Facebook Post

"Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Kirsten Hughes told TheDC, “Rep. DuBois has demonstrated a complete disregard for her constituents’ safety, and she should be ashamed of these reckless comments."

READ: Chairman Hughes Calls Out Warren's Political Shift On Single Payer

"Seizing upon her comments, the Massachusetts Republican Party blasted Warren for waging a "campaign to appease national far-left activists ... with an eye toward advancing her political ambitions. The GOP pointed to comments Warren made in 2008 that appeared to support a single-payer system and her opposition to such a health care system while running for Senate in 2012, and said her latest remarks complete a "flip-flop-flip" on the issue. 'With this latest flip-flop on single-payer, Sen. Warren is demonstrating more clearly than ever that she's more focused on appeasing national liberal activists than advancing the interests of the Commonwealth,' MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes said in a statement."

READ: MassGOP Steps Up Attacks On Warren

"With Warren up for re-election in 2018, the first-term Democratic senator now has plenty of incentive to amp up her media profile back home. The state Republican Party has stepped up its attacks on her over the last year, and it might be leaving a bruise: A January poll sent shockwaves through the state by reporting that 46 percent of respondents said it’s time for someone else to have a shot at the Senate. 'It's not surprising Sen. Warren is scrambling to rehab her toxic image here at home,' said Terry MacCormack, the state GOP’s communications director."