MassGOP Bulletin: Gov's Leadership Makes MA #1 | Dems Run From Warren


Massachusetts is a remarkable state, and we've benefitted from the GOP leadership of Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito, who are building on our strengths. And this week, we got news that US News and World Report agrees. In their inaugural ranking of all 50 states, they named Massachusetts the #1 "Best State" - thanks to our competitive business climate and world-class education system. Under this Republican Administration, our state is moving in a new direction that is delivering for people.

Our Party has momentum thanks to the game-changing leadership of the Baker-Polito team, and we're energized for a great 2018 election cycle. We're ready to field strong candidates to fight for our commonsense values in communities across Massachusetts.
Democrats, meanwhile, are still back on their heels. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn't helping. Her Party is clearly worried that her toxic brand of hyper-partisan attacks is going to sink them in 2018. One Democrat even said he didn't want to be "guilty" of sharing her brand. Top Democrats know she is dragging their party further and further to the extreme left, and it spells trouble for them in 2018.
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To Victory,

Kirsten Hughes
MassGOP Chairman


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Last year, Gov. Baker stopped an irresponsible proposal from some Beacon Hill Democrats that would have granted drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. A bipartisan majority agreed with the Governor that this reckless proposal would put our communities at risk. 
But now, Democrat candidates for governor are beginning to push this idea once again. And Democrats in the Legislature are bringing it up too. 
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Gov. Baker discussed how the Commonwealth's pro-growth policies and world-class education system have propelled our state to #1.
"Since the MBTA’s catastrophic winter breakdowns two years ago, Governor Charlie Baker and transportation officials have insisted the transit system is better prepared for severe storms. After a fairly mild winter last year, Thursday’s heavy snowfall marked a major test.
"For the most part, evening commutes on the subway were relatively uneventful. 'I was expecting a lot of delays . . . but it ran perfectly,' said Enoch Wong of Somerville, who rode the Red Line from Harvard Square to South Station."
"The Baker administration has taken a methodical approach to reforming the dysfunctional MBTA, introducing personnel policy changes, negotiating a major money-saving labor deal with its largest union and outsourcing smaller agency functions."
"We applaud Gov. Baker's determination to fully fund this program, and urge the Legislature to support it, so that every young adult has the opportunity for a meaningful life."


Rep. Orrall made clear that the President offered a new vision and direction for the country, as Democrats are still struggling with their road forward.
Chairman Hughes blasted Sen. Warren's recent hyper-partisan antics and laid out the case for keeping GOP control of the Corner Office.
"'After taking heat from far-left activists, Sen. Warren has turned her back on the concept of bipartisanship and shown her true colors once again," MassGOP chair Kirsten Hughes said in a statement. 'By succumbing to pressure from her angry base, Warren reveals she believes she is more accountable to national liberal activists than her constituents here at home,' Hughes added."