MassGOP Bulletin: New blog, youth activist award, and more!



For a few months now, a strengthened Republican team on Beacon Hill has been hard at work, fighting for GOP values and common-sense policies that will make our Commonwealth a better place for everyone. Governor Baker and our team in the Legislature have shown the benefits of two-party government, and we could not be more proud of them. 

As the budget season continues, we are reminded of how important it is to have a strong team in the state house advocating against tax increases, and for fiscal discipline and government reform. With his work to reform the MBTA and find more efficiencies in the budget, Governor Baker has redefined the debate on Beacon Hill. And with their continued focus on holding the Democrat majorities accountable, our GOP legislators are fighting for taxpayers every single day.

We can't thank them enough for their hard work, but we also want to grow their ranks! To do that, we need your help. Click here to join our team and help us win key races in the years ahead to expand accountability on Beacon Hill. Thank you. 

To Victory,
Kirsten Hughes
MassGOP Chairman


This winter, we saw the consequences of a transportation agency that failed the people of Massachusetts. The collapse of the MBTA this winter resulted in closed schools, workers missing shifts, and millions of dollars drained from our economy. Now, we need you to stand with Governor Baker's plan to Fix Our T.


The Governor is fighting hard to deliver the world-class transit system that Massachusetts deserves. His plan includes a strong fiscal management board to fix the MBTA's budgetary mess, and an exemption from onerous requirements that stand in the way of innovative reforms.


broad, bipartisan coalition is ready to support the Governor's reform, and we need you to join them. So please, click here to sign the petition at 



The MassGOP has launched a new blog, "Commonwealth Watch,"where we'll hold public officials accountable and ensure that your government is responsive to you. On the blog, we'll keep track of Democrats who fail to hold the public's trust, as well as those who stand against meaningful reforms that our GOP team is working hard to implement to improve the quality of life in Massachusetts. 

The blog will be available at, and of course, we'll make sure you know about new updates from our social media!

Click here to check out the blog.



The MassGOP is excited to announce a new initiative to honor the great work of our young activists across the Commonwealth. The GOP Youth Activist Award will be given to students who demonstrate exemplary commitment to our Party, our candidates, and our ideals. At this week's state committee meeting, Chairman Hughes recognized the first recipients of the award, Jake Binnall and Caroline Dooley, for their work on various campaigns in the 2014 cycle. Congratulations and thank you for your work! We thank you for your contributions to the Party, and are excited for what the future holds for you!

Corner Office Updates

READ: Give Baker the tools to overhaul MBTA

"Thousands of stranded and displaced commuters -- the cause of which compounded by an extraordinarily high worker absentee rate in the face of record snowfall -- demanded some serious reforms in order to revive this dysfunctional system. Gov. Charlie Baker was at the front of that line."

READ: Baker's taking on MBTA a profile in courage

"If nothing else, Baker has shown strong leadership in the short time he has become governor, and his decision to take on the MBTA and reshape it into a reliable mass-transportation system that the public can depend on is promising."

READ: Charlie Baker scores by representing angry T riders

"Gov. Charlie Baker is taking his message on reforming the MBTA right to furious riders who had to deal with a public transit system that failed miserably this winter. He’s on the right track."

READ: How Charlie Baker took control of Beacon Hill

"Just four months into his first term, Governor Charlie Baker seems very much in control on Beacon Hill. Not only is he polling better than Santa Claus and Senator Elizabeth Warren, but he is setting the terms of political debate in Massachusetts"

READ: Polito: "Good Things" in Attleboro

"Dumas said Baker and Polito, both of whom are former selectmen familiar with the challenges of local government, started the process from day one of their administration by reacting immediately to the difficulties presented by a series of snow storms in January and February."



Mathew Muratore
1st Plymouth District

Mathew Muratore, State Representative for the First Plymouth District, was first elected to the House in November 2014.  He was a Plymouth Selectman from May 2010-January 2015 and served as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen from 2012-2014. 

In the 2015-2016 legislative session, Rep. Muratore serves as the ranking minority member of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development; the assistant ranking minority member of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing; and a member of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.

Muratore_Head_Shot_2_03.21.14_Small_Cropped.jpgA Plymouth resident since 2001, Matt grew up on the South Shore and graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School.  He is a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Business Management.  Beginning his career as a nursing home administrator in 1991, Matt was the Administrator at Plymouth Rehabilitation and Health Care Center from 2003-January 2015 and is a member of the Massachusetts Senior Care Association. He is also co-owner and operator of Crayon College in Plymouth and Kingston.  Matt operates his own health care consulting company, MAT HealthCare Consultants LLC. 

Rep. Muratore is active in various community organizations including Rotary, Knights of Columbus, the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Plymouth Networking Group for Seniors. 

Prior to his election to the Board of Selectmen, Matt was a member of the Advisory and Finance Committee for 5 years and was Board Member and Board Chairman of the Plymouth Council on Aging.

Matt has six daughters, and his wife Kristin is a local attorney.

The First Plymouth District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives comprises Precincts 2-8, 10, 12, 14 & 15 in Plymouth.


WATCH: Chairman Hughes on "Greater Boston" 

Chairman Hughes discusses the New Hampshire primary, and growing the base of the Republican Party ahead of the 2016 election cycle.

READ: MassGOP response to Health Connector debacle

"In a statement reacting to the Pioneer Institute report, Kirsten Hughes, chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, said: “Governor Baker’s team is working hard to clean up the mess left behind by the Democrats, but former governor Patrick owes the people of Massachusetts an apology for his administration’s total incompetence and lack of transparency on this issue."

READ: MassGOP calls out Democrats for opposition to Baker MBTA reform package

"MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes blasted Senate Democrats for their position on MBTA reform, accusing them of displaying a 'serious lack of leadership.' 'By backing away from meaningful, bipartisan reforms to fix the T, Senate Democratic leaders are demonstrating that they are more beholden to special interests than to the riding public. Senate Democrats should put partisanship aside and pass Governor Baker's bill, to give the Commonwealth the transit system it deserves,' Hughes said."