ICYMI: Cape Cod Times Endorses GOP House Candidates

BOSTON -- In two endorsements over the weekend, the Cape Cod Times backed both Cape Republicans running in contested races for the state House of Representatives this year. TheTimes backed Will Crocker in his bid to flip the 2nd Barnstable district from Democrat to Republican, and endorsed Rep. David Vieira's re-election campaign in the 3rd Barnstable. 

"'I feel it’s all about leadership and experience,' he said. 'I have the ability to find common ground and know how to disagree without being disagreeable. We are facing serious challenges in Barnstable and Yarmouth and I am prepared to set aside partisanship to lead efforts with both sides of the aisle to solve these problems.'

And that’s one reason why we recommend Crocker, a Republican, over Kanzer to replace outgoing state Rep. Brian Mannal, D-Centerville.
"Crocker, a graduate of Barnstable High School in 1975 and the University of Maine in 1980, worked in broadcast journalism for more than 30 years on Cape radio. Since he has been reporting on important local issues for so long, he is well versed on many of the challenges facing the district.

In 2013, Crocker was elected to the Barnstable Town Council and represents Precinct Six in Centerville. He currently chairs the Roads Committee, sits on the Appointments and Charter Review committees and is the council liaison to the Conservation Commission and the Community Preservation Committee. In addition, Crocker was recently appointed to the town's Committee to Analyze the Impact of Illegal Drugs on the Barnstable Community.

The impact of illegal drugs has been devastating. When Crocker knocks on doors as part of his campaign, he says the opioids crisis and the homeless issue are the two most pressing matters on voters’ minds.

'In Barnstable and Yarmouth, our police and fire departments, Cape Cod Hospital, public housing, local businesses and our schools are spending an extraordinary amount of time and resources dealing with this crisis,' Crocker said on his website. 'Our failure to address this issue will jeopardize the economic and cultural fiber of Cape Cod. We need leadership that seeks solutions from all stakeholders… . Aggressive education on prevention is critical.'
"Beacon Hill needs someone who speaks passionately about the issues that affect the Cape, and we think Crocker will bring that strong voice to the House."


"In the 3rd Barnstable House District, which includes parts of Falmouth, Bourne and Mashpee, voters will once again see a familiar ballot.

Democrat Matt Patrick will try to recapture the seat he lost in 2010 to Republican David Vieira. While we admire and respect both gentlemen, we believe Vieira has earned the right to keep the seat.
"Vieira's experience in criminal justice and municipal government provide a good foundation on which to build a legislative agenda. And it would be hard to ignore Vieira's wonkishness -- he's always interested in digging deep into the weeds of legislative details, a skill that is admirable and far from universal among elected officials.
"And now that Vieira has been on Beacon Hill for more than five years, he is moving into a leadership role of the minority party. He is ranking member of the House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets; the ranking House member of the Joint Committee on Public Safety & Homeland Security; and member of the House Committee on Rules.

As a member of the Capital Debt Affordability Committee, Vieira makes recommendations to the Baker administration on how much debt the state can handle each year. In the previous administration, about $125 million was added to the debt each year. “We thought we should slow that because we are approaching the debt ceiling of $21.8 billion,” he said.

As a result, Vieira and the debt committee cut that increase nearly in half to $65 million, and the governor followed the advice of the committee. “If we didn’t do that, we would have hit the ceiling last year,” Vieira said.

State Rep. David Vieira, R-Falmouth, needs to continue his work on Beacon Hill."