Caught On Tape: Coakley Says MA “Doesn’t Need Fixing”

BOSTON – Yesterday, Attorney General Martha Coakley proudly stated Massachusetts “doesn’t need fixing” before calling for greater state spending and higher taxes.

Click here to watch Coakley say nothing in MA needs “fixing”.

“It is not surprising that Attorney General Martha Coakley doesn’t think Massachusetts needs any fixing, she tried to stop the investigation of corrupt House Speaker Sal DiMasi,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “The fact is Coakley is symptomatic of the problems on Beacon Hill with her troubling record of campaign finance violations, letting politically wired lobbyists off the hook, and now, the alarming revelation that she tried to cover up the DiMasi scandal.”


Coakley: “We got businesses here. I think things need to get better here in Massachusetts but I don’t think they need fixing. I think what we need is someone who has a vision to say let’s invest in people who need it. Let’s give those kids that opportunity to get a job and to get good work. That’s how we will keep businesses here.”  (Greater Boston Interfaith Organization forum, 10/26/14)



In a private 2008 meeting with former Inspector General Gregory Sullivan, AG Coakley requested that the IG end his investigation into the dealings of SpeakerDiMasi. “She asked him to stop his investigation, Sullivan recalled, and suggested she might produce a report on ‘lessons learned’ from the affair, loosely modeled on a report her predecessor had put together on the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. ‘My takeaway,’ said Sullivan, in a recent interview, ‘was that they were not anxious to go prosecuting the speaker of the House.’” (“Back as AG, Martha Coakley rebuilt her name, The Boston Globe, 10/26/14)