Caught On Video: Coakley Calls Martel Tragedy “Helpful Exercise” Defends Handling Of Remy Release

BOSTON – In a confused response to a reporter, Attorney General Martha Coakley stood by her defense of the Middlesex County District Attorney’s decision to release serial abuser Jared Remy today. She even called the tragic murder “a helpful exercise.” Coakley also went on to explain that “not all of the things that happened in that case happen, but the kinds of things that happen in that case many of us have seen happen time and time again.”

Click here to watch Coakley explain it all away.


Q: Your opponents say ‘you vehemently defended the decision to release Jared Remy just before the attack on his girlfriend.’ Are they twisting it there or is that accurate?

Coakley: I made comments when asked about the role of the District Attorney and the role of the prosecutor in those cases. I did say that that is something that I believed and that in fact the District Attorney did review and has made statements that they could have done different in other things. I think it was a helpful exercise for everybody to look at that. I know that certainly we know that there were a lot of things that went wrong in this case. They all seem to come together.

“It is baffling that Coakley still stands by her previous statements defending the release of serial abuser Jared Remy as she campaigns on the tragedy,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “It is deeply saddening to hear Coakley call this tragedy ‘a helpful exercise’ and even more disappointing that she stands by the decision to let a man with a past of violence toward women walk away a free man.”


Coakley Vehemently Defended The Decision To Release Jared Remy, And Called Criticisms “Utterly Ridiculous.” “Attorney General Martha Coakley defended Ryan’s actions. ‘Utterly ridiculous. That’s an utterly ridiculous claim by someone unaware of the facts.’” (“State lawmaker calls for Middlesex D.A. to resign,” WHDH, 8/20/13