Chairman’s Corner – January 2015


What a year 2014 turned out to be—a year full of exciting changes and vast improvements. The Commonwealth will be forever changed because of the hard work and dedication from individuals like yourself.

I am grateful for the candidates, volunteers and staff who poured their hearts into various campaigns regardless of the outcome. We were able to launch an unprecedented grassroots operation that called 2.6 million voters and knocked on over 430,000 doors.

This is just a start.

The only direction we can move now is upward. I will make it a priority throughout my next term to build up the Republican farm team, to improve the political data we collected over the last year, to increase republican voter registration – and much more!

Last night, I signed on for two more years as Chairman of our Party. Will you sign up to help us over the next two years?

I am grateful the Republican State Committee re-elected me as Chairman, but I cannot do it alone. I need your help as loyal and hardworking Republicans.

Together, we will make a difference, just like we did last year.

Yours in Victory,

Kirsten Hughes