Under Fire After Super Tuesday Debacle, President Clinton Returns To MA

BOSTON -- As the Clinton camp returns to Massachusetts after Super Tuesday (for two fundraisers), the campaign is under fire for President Clinton's role in allegedly obstructing people from voting in the Commonwealth. 

"When President Clinton allegedly obstructed people from voting in Massachusetts last month, it was just another sign that the Clintons have realized they are in serious trouble, causing them return to their strategy of playing by their own set of rules. Now facing a drawn out primary and investigations by both the FBI and the State Department, the Clinton camp is forced to return to Massachusetts to meet with the same big money donors that Secretary Clinton derides on the campaign trail - it's no wonder voters don't trust her." -MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack


The Clinton camp is under fire in Massachusetts for allegedly obstructing voters on Super Tuesday. "A lawsuit backed by an informal group of Massachusetts residents who support Bernie Sanders accuses former President Clinton of holding illegal rallies on Super Tuesday and requests that all of the state's 91 pledged delegates be counted for Sanders," (Mike Lawrence, "Suit claims 'illegal electioneering' by Bill Clinton on Super Tuesday," New Bedford Standard-Times, 4/1/16)

Bernie Sanders out-raised Hillary Clinton by $13 million in February. “Hillary Clinton raised $30 million in February and has $31 million on hand, her campaign announced on Wednesday — far less than Bernie Sanders … Her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, raised $43 million in February, with $6 million of that coming on Monday. Sanders' campaign has not announced its cash on hand, but as of the end of January, he had nearly $15 million in the bank.”  (Eliza Collins, “Sanders Vastly Outraised Clinton In February,” Politico, 3/2/16)

Hillary Clinton is raising big money from Wall Street, whom she regularly attacks on the campaign trail.  “Hillary Rodham Clinton wants voters to know she is no friend of Wall Street. But Wall Street has frequently been a friend to her.” (Lisa Lerer and Ken Thomas, “Since ’01, Clintons Collected $35M From Financial Businesses, The Associated Press, 11/24/15)