Coakley Campaign Cash Scandal Week 4

BOSTON –Attorney General Martha Coakley added another twist to her ongoing and"devastating" illegal campaign cash scandal yesterday when she fired her sister from her volunteer position as treasurer of her state account. It is unclear whether Coakley's sister is still paid to serve as treasurer of her federal account which remains "a violation of the rules of math" according to The Boston Globe.

"Martha Coakley is only making bad story worse as her campaign struggles against a crowded Democratic primary pack," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman. "Firing her sister is a clear admission of guilt which further begs the questions; will she avoid the striking conflict of interest by supporting an independent investigation and when will she communicate directly with reporters and voters to explain why she allowed her campaign to violate election law?”


Coakley Fired Her Sister From Treasurer Role Of State Account. "Aiming to clean up the campaign finance issues that have dogged her early campaign for governor, Attorney General Martha Coakley on Tuesday formally replaced her sister as treasurer of her state campaign committee with Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign treasurer." (Matt Murphy, "BROUNTAS WILL SUCCEED GENTILE AS COAKLEY CAMPAIGN TREASURER," SHNS, 11/26/13)

The Boston Globe Called On Coakley To Stop Hiding And Publicly Address Her Campaign Cash Scandal. "More immediately, Coakley needs to restore public confidence. That means stepping out from behind her campaign spokesman and answering a full range of questions." (Editorial Staff, "Tangled campaign fund presents a test of Coakley’s leadership," The Boston Globe, 11/9/13)

The Lowell Sun Called For An Independent Investigation Of Coakley's Campaign Cash Scandal. "That's why the OCPF, if it's going to maintain its credibility and integrity as a fair broker of campaign laws, should seek an independent investigator." (Editorial Staff, Coakley's finance flaws should be public record," Lowell Sun, 11/24/13)