Coakley Filed Criminal Charges For $6K Violation In 2011, Now Claims Her $6K Flap Is A "Non-Story"

BOSTON --  Attorney General Martha Coakley has conveyed to reporters that she believes her alleged $6,000 misuse of funds is a non-story, skirting the issue of answering questions about her misuse of campaign dollars. However, when allegations arose surrounding Former Rep. Brian Wallace, Coakley jumped on the opportunity to make Wallace's $6,000 violation into a wide-spread story.

Shot: Coakley Says Her $6,000 In Illegal Expenditures Is  "A Non-Story." "They don't like the reporting. They think it is a non-story. It's $6,000." ("Martha Coakley's 'rookie mistake,'" Washington Post, 11/18/13) 

Chaser: Coakley Filed Criminal Charges Against Former Rep. Wallace For Illegally Reporting $6,345.  (Andrew Ryan, "Former legislator Wallace indicted," The Boston Globe, 8/22/11) 

"It is embarrassing that Coakley's desperate campaign apparently gave up trying to explain why the state's top cop broke the law and is now resorting to arguing with reporters," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman."Unfortunately for Coakley it exposes yet another egregious instance of how she believes the rules don't apply to her."