Coakley Hypocrisy: Says Gas Tax Revenue “Critical,” But Fails To Pay Up

BOSTON —  The Boston Globe uncovered that Coakley apparently doesn’t think it is critical enough to actually pay the tax herself. Instead, she forces taxpayers to pick up her tab at the pump.

“If it were anyone other than the gaffe-prone Martha Coakley, this level of hypocrisy would be surprising, but saying one thing while doing the opposite is typical Martha Coakley,” said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. “For Coakley to boast her full-throated support for the gas tax only to get caught not paying it herself is beyond embarrassing, it’s downright shameful. Let’s face it, abusing tax dollars to fill up her campaign car is like gambling with house money except only taxpayers lose in this scheme.”


Coakley’s campaign uses tax dollars to finance her campaign trips. “If you’re a Massachusetts taxpayer, her transportation to all those campaign events has been on your dime.” (Josh Miller, “Coakley hasn’t reimbursed state for campaign travel,” The Boston Globe, 5/20/14)


Coakley boasted the gas tax a “critical critical funding source.” “’Martha knows that the gas tax is a critical funding source to make the transportation infrastructure investments that are necessary to move Massachusetts forward.’” (Josh Miller, “Baker criticizes Coakley over gas tax pop quiz mistake,” The Boston Globe, 5/19/14) 


Coakley had no clue what the gas tax was. (WCVB’s On The Record, 5/18/14)