Coakley’s Easy Deal for Dookhan Sparks Bi-Partisan Outrage

BOSTON— Fellow Democrat and Suffolk County District Attorney, Dan Conley is the latest to criticize the sentence Attorney General Martha Coakley recommended for Annie Dookhan, the former state lab chemist charged with mishandling of evidence in thousands of cases. When news broke that Dookhan will only see a few years behind bars after millions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted and thousands of cases dismissed, various Democrats quickly spoke out against AG Coakley’s ruling.

Suffolk County District Attorney Conley: "Her actions warrant a state prison term and an upward departure from the sentencing guidelines.” (Boston Herald 10/24/13)

Democrat Candidate for Governor Steve Grossman: Coakley’s recommendation “Inadequate.. it should be far stronger.” “’I think it's inadequate," said Grossman. Grossman said that Dookhan's actions caused 300 people to be released from jail and 1,100 drug cases have been dismissed. Approximately 40,000 people in the criminal justice system could be affected. ‘One person has already been shot and killed by somebody who was let out of jail,’ Grossman said. ‘I don't think it's an appropriate deterrent, so I think it should be far stronger.’” (“Candidates for Mass. Gov. criticize Coakley’s handing of Dookhan case,” Fox 25, 10/18/13)

Fox 25’s Jim Polito: A “Bad Day” for Martha Coakley. “Bad day for this woman.” Attorney General Martha Coakley, Democratic Candidate for Governor. She is offering a sentence of only five to seven years for disgraced state chemist Annie Dookhan if she pleads guilty… Five to seven for a woman who destroyed the integrity of the state’s criminal justice system, her tampering with drug evidence has already caused prisoners to be released, convictions overturned, cases thrown out of court, cost to taxpayers already $30 million, some estimates up to $300 million, and she expects to be elected Governor!? “Would she be tough on crime? Doesn't look that way to me.” (VIDEO)

State Representative Shaunna O’Connell: “’The damage that woman has done in this state is tremendous, and five years in jail does not do justice,” said Rep. O’Connell. “My first reaction, before I heard any number, was that she deserved 20 years.’”  (Boston Herald 10/24/13)

Jamaica Plain Patch: “The ex-chemist’s alleged malfeasance has sullied the outcome of thousands of drug cases in Massachusetts.” (“Is Judge’s Deal Right For Dookhan,” Jamaica Plain Patch, 10/23/13)