Coakley Should Apologize to Victim's Family After Report Faults DA's Office that She Rushed to Defend

BOSTON-- In the wake of the death of Jennifer Martel, girlfriend of Jared Remy, Attorney General Martha Coakley rushed to the defense of the Middlesex District Attorney, calling criticism of the decision to release the defendent "utterly ridiculous." Turns out, the only thing "utterly ridiculous" was Coakley's judgment.  Yesterday, an independent investigation faulted the district attorney's office for mishandling the case.

"Given the independent investigation's findings that the Middlesex District Attorney did indeed drop the ball, Coakley should immediately apologize to the Martel family for wrongly defending the prosecutors," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman. "For Coakley to reflexively defend the district attorney's actions and lash out at those seeking the truth, without having the facts of this serious case, calls into question her judgment and her ability to lead."


Independent Investigators Found "Deficiencies" In Middlesex County DA's Handling of Remy Case. "An independent review has criticized the fateful decision by Middlesex County prosecutors in mid-August not to try to hold Jared Remy on bail after his arraignment on a domestic violence charge." (Eric Moskowitz, "‘Deficiencies’ found in handling of Jared Remy case, DA says,"Boston Globe, 12/18/13)

Coakley Rushed To The Defense Of Middlesex County DA Calling The Remy Case Criticisms "Utterly Ridiculous." "Attorney General Martha Coakley defended Ryan's actions. 'Utterly ridiculous. That's an utterly ridiculous claim by someone unaware of the facts.'" ("State lawmaker calls for Middlesex D.A. to resign," WHDH, 8/20/13)