Beacon Hill Dems, Taxing Commuters At Every Turn

BOSTON -- As the November election approaches, Democrat candidates across the state will have to answer for their Party's constant efforts to take more money from the people of Massachusetts. In recent months, Democrats have pushed tax and fee proposals that would hurt workers who have to commute every day. From Chairman McGee's proposal to add tolls to more Massachusetts highways, to their plan to tax drivers by the mile, Democrats have shown they're so desperate to spend more money that they don't care how it hurts hard-working commuters. 

"Democrat candidates across the state must answer for their Party's insistence on making life harder and more expensive for commuters," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "With every new proposal to hike taxes on commuters, Democrats make it clear they don't care about the real-world impact of their tax-and-spend agenda. Voters are right to ask: when will it end?"

The MassGOP is running a targeted digital advertising campaign aimed at delivering this message to registered voters across the Commonwealth:


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With Democrats desperate for more ways to separate workers from their hard-earned money, the Democrat Party chair floated a plan to add tolls to nearly every Massachusetts highway.

Beacon Hill Democrats also pushed a plan to monitor and tax the miles you drive for your commute - a proposal that would hurt workers all over the state, especially those who have to travel long distances. Fortunately, Gov. Baker pushed back, vetoing that plan

And after voters rejected automatic gas tax increases in 2014, Democrats tried once again this year to increase the tax - by another $0.03 per gallon.