2018 Convention: Delegate Selection Meetings

Delegate Selection Meetings for the 2018 Convention will take place between February 1 - 28, 2018. Republican Town and Ward Committees that were properly organized before December 31, 2018 were eligible to set a date for their delegate selection meetings. Per the Convention Rules, ward and town committees were required to send notice of the date, time, and location of their meetings to the MassGOP, local state committee members, and committee membership. Notice must have been postmarked by January 15. Below is a calendar of properly organized delegate selection meetings.


  • Click on an event to view more details for that specific delegate selection meeting, including date, time, and location.
  • This calendar defaults to viewing the entire month. Click on the tabs on the right-hand side labeled "Week" and "Agenda" to view a specific week or day, respectively. Use arrows on the left to toggle between weeks or days.
  • You can view your local committee's allocation of delegates by clicking here: MassGOP.com/allocation
  • Town and Ward Chairs may submit the results of their delegate selection meeting at: www.MassGOP.com/reporting
  • For a complete overview of the Convention process, click here: MassGOP.com/convention
  • You can go directly to the Convention Rules by clicking here.