As Dems Lurch Left In Worcester, MassGOP Welcomes Moderates With Digital Campaign

Democrats are gathering in Worcester this weekend in the midst of an internal battle that's pushing their party further and further to the left:
The Party's leftward lurch is worrying prominent Massachusetts Democrats like Congressman Richard Neal, who blasted Democrats' failure to connect with regular Americans outside of liberal enclaves: "They see us as not caring anymore.”

In response to these efforts to purge moderates, the MassGOP is welcoming disenchanted Democrats with open arms. Digital ads - including a Snapchat geofilter ad - will greet attendees of this weekend's convention, highlighting the Party's extreme positions, and encouraging them to join Republicans in pushing for commonsense reforms and lower taxes. 

The geo-targeted ads will appear on mobile devices in and around the DCU Center:

Click here to see sample ads: Mobile Web | Snapchat.

Click here to see the landing page for the ads.