Dem Vs. Dem: Democrat Disarray As Baker Earns High Praise For First 100 Days

DEM VS. DEM: The Latest on the Intra-Party Brawls


"Democrats are clearly in disarray over Governor Baker's first one hundred days. While the Massachusetts Democratic Party continues divisive, partisan attacks on the Governor, their highest ranking elected officials on Beacon Hill are praising his intelligence, openness, and managerial style. With recent polls showing broad approval of the Governor's leadership, it's time for the Democrats to embrace real solutions that help Massachusetts families, not tired, stale rhetoric." -- MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne

State Democratic Party Operatives Are Attacking Gov. Baker…
State Democratic Party: “Still, the state Democratic Party has harsh words to describe Baker’s first months '... voters have heard a lot of rhetoric from Republican Governor Baker.'” (The Boston Globe, 4/16/15)

But the Democratic Party’s Highest Officials Are Heaping Praise On Baker’s First 100 Days…

Democratic Senate President Stanley Rosenberg: “He’s a very good listener and is open to people’s suggestions and ideas, and whoever’s got the best idea, that’s what rises to the top. It’s not pride of authorship and ‘It’s got to be my idea, otherwise it’s not the best idea.’” (Boston Herald, 4/15/15)
Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo: ‘“It’s not uncommon to hear from the governor at any time of day, or any day of the week, for that matter. He’s always interested. He’s never been one, that I have seen so far, that has dismissed an issue out of hand without saying, ‘Let me take a look at it and go from there.’” (Boston Herald, 4/15/15)
Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey: “I really appreciate his style and that openness and ease around communication, and also the ease around communication between our staffs. I think that’s real important.” (Boston Herald, 4/15/15)
Democratic State Rep. Jay Kaufman: “Conversations with him are an interesting mix of policy wonk and political force. He does both of those well — engage in intellectual conversations about a policy and then also be able to think about the political implications.” (The Boston Globe, 4/16/15)
Veteran Democratic Strategist & Former Dukakis Chief of Staff John Sasso:“He has established himself as the state chief executive right from the beginning.”(The Boston Globe, 4/16/15)