More Money For Politicians Fuels More Dysfunction Among Dem Leaders

BOSTON -- Months after voting to give themselves a massive pay raise, tensions reached a fever pitch among Democrats this week as party leaders openly attacked one another, stalling negotiations over long-awaited bills. Senate President Stan Rosenberg called comments from House Speaker Bob DeLeo "Bull$#!t" and implied that House members are incompetent all after the two Democrats resorted to criticizing each other in cryptic public statements.

"The one-party rulers in the Legislature first gave themselves a pay raise, now they are acting like children, calling each other names while neglecting to do their jobs." said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Given that the infighting led to an embarrasing budget stalemate this week, it's not surprising that the Democrats have accomplished next to nothing after they started the year with a massive pay hike for themselves."


The Senate President Called The House Speaker's Comments "Bull$#!t"

Senate President Rosenberg, in response to a question about whether the budget would've been complete had the House Speaker not suspended the marijuana talks. "Absolutely, because that was a bunch of BS" 

The Senate President Implied That House Members Are Incompetent

"In the senate, we can walk and chew gum at the same time," Rosenberg said implying that House members were incapable of working on two pieces of legislation at the same time. '

The Senate President Referred To Unnamed "Mischief Makers" Hampering The Budget Process

"The speaker’s statement drew a swift retort from Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg, an Amherst Democrat who insisted negotiations on both fronts could continue. 'The mischief makers are once again at work," Rosenberg said, without specifying who, exactly, is making mischief." (Josh Miller, "DeLeo suspends pot negotiations until budget plan is approved," Boston Globe, 7/5/17)